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Still trying to emerge from the shadows of her ill-fated marriage to fellow vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney, 42 year old Heather Mills – who insists that she will pass on all nuptials forever more — says that losing her own leg in a 1993 motorcycle accident was physically easier than enduring the type of ongoing emotional pain that she suffered from her high-profile divorce. After famously bagging a one of the heftiest divorce settlements in Hollywood history just one year ago – actually just one fifth of what she originally sought – the former model can’t quite shake the gold digger image that she has earned in the press.

Of the $50 million that she walked away, at least some of it has been earmarked for beneficial projects. As a result of her friendship with charity founder Maryann Hedaa, she pledged $1 million in vegan eats to Bronx, New York’s Hunts Point Alliance for Children (along with the fee from her recent appearance on Dancing On Ice) via the stateside version of her V-Bites restaurant. Although her No More Landmines charity went under several months back, she has been a champion of recycling discarded prosthetic limbs through her Heather Mills Heath Trust for many years now and quite recently appealed to British citizens to donate any wheelchairs, crutches and prosthetic limbs to Haiti victims via Physicians For Peace. She has also been quite vocal about animal rights and the eco-aspects of adopting a vegan diet which paved the way for her new line of Meat-Free V-Bites Ready Meals and Pizza Toppings.

The always busy self-confessed charity campaigner is now developing a celebrity-based reality show that “challenge(s) people’s perception of disability” by imposing physical limitations on stars for just one week at a time. According to Mills’ Twitter account, she’s been receiving positive feedback on the concept which explores how celebrities will adjust to “living in a wheelchair, or being partially sighted, or deaf, dumb or blind”. She notes that she would be particularly interested to see how celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay might fare if he were forced to be blindfolded throughout the course of his kitchen travails. Maybe he’d be more inclined to steer cleer of the meat?!?

Via This Dish Is Vegetarian

  • herwin

    Gordon Ramsey and heather Mills doing a Cooking Show together, that would be just great. And yes that would be a vegan cooking show. Heather is despised by quiet a few veggies (thats the impression i get from veggie forums) so i am sure Ramsey will like her ! :-p

  • sissi

    Heather is such a blabber,where’s that show ha ,she boast all the time about TV proposals,and show and jobs she’d been ask to but then the onely tv shows she’s been on were reality tv shows she’s such a liar