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It’s been a long, rough road for Knut the Polar Bear.

Once the darling of the media industry and symbol of global warming, Knut has fallen fast from his days of hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio on magazine covers to now, well, just hanging out. His cuddly/cute days behind him, Knut lives out life much like any other bear in captivity by eating and sleeping.

There has been new speculation, however, that Knut is being groomed to mate with fellow roommate Giovanna, on loan from Munich Zoo. The only problem is — and this is where PETA steps in — is that both Knut and Giovanna share a common grandfather. “They are cousins,” said Frank Albrecht, head of the German branch of PETA. “If they were allowed to breed, the offspring would be prone to genetic abnormalities and liable to illness.”

“A long term co-habitation between Giovanna and Knut is only feasible if Knut is castrated,” he added. Ouch.

For their part, the Berlin Zoo plans on sending Giovanna away in the fall and finding a more suitable mate for Knut; preferably one outside the family tree. For Knut’s sake, we hope they’re successful.

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  • Evan

    That’s weird, don’t these things happen naturally..? Anyway, I guess it’s okay to have him reintroduced to the wild.

  • Animal

    A simple vasectomy would do , as would tubal litigation on Gianna. PETA is just plain hateful of animals , male animals. They call this defending animal rights ? Maybe we should defend all PETA activists rights the same way .

    Why not castrate Gianna instead ? Why always the anti-male bias ? Castrating Gianna will serve the same purpose , if all the inbred retards at PETA want is no inbreeding of animals.

  • http://PolarBear Laura Corey

    People suck. Basicly we are all mean nasty creatures and the animals have it all right. Thanks for anyone who helps the bears. And those who don’t should really take a good look at themselves.