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Rocker Dave Navarro has become the latest musician to strip it all off for PETA to protest fur.

The Jane’s Addiction guitarist says he used to wear fur in some of his costumes but has since gone faux. “[S]everal years ago, I saw video footage of animals being skinned alive and screaming, and it, it honestly is the most horrific, inhumane thing I’ve ever seen,” he said in an interview with the animal rights group.

“[S]ome of the simple things you can do to help save animals is not buy fur, stay away from products that have been animal tested. It’s really very, very simple to just support something or buy something that doesn’t brutalize animals like this.”

Check out an interview with Navarro by jumping here.

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  • Rad_Rosa89

    I might not like men, but Dave is looking awesome promoting this anti-fur ad.

    • NOYB

      What does your liking or not liking men have to do with it? And what do Dave’s good looks have to do with the point being made about not killing animals for their fur?

  • georgina0912

    I know many people dislike ads like this, but i personally like them, specially if they are well done. The Nia Long one was really bad, and photo shopped to death (her belly button was erased!).

    And what does a naked person have to do with the anti-fur message? That our skin is beautiful, and we should be proud of showing it off and because of that we do not need to skin any living creature to look hot.

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