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lincoln vampire hunterWe regularly cover vampires, zombies, the fate of the Loch Ness Monster and other supernatural stories here on the Razz. Some people wonder why a green site might bother, but when it comes to regularly dishing on end of the world scenarios, a little levity injected into all the doom and gloom is necessary.

Take for instance this new and wonderful discovery. Seth Grahame-Smith, the same guy who wrote a take on “Pride and Prejudice “– but with zombies, has just released his latest titled “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter“. As if our 16th President wasn’t cool enough, now he ranks up there with Buffy in dispatching the undead.

“I think it’s time in literature to stop kissing vampires and start killing them again,” writes the author. “I have plenty of respect for what Stephanie Meyer accomplished, but we’ve gotten to a point where we think vampires should be sexy. And I’m trying to push us back towards thinking vampires as dangerous. They are things that should be feared and beheaded at the earliest possible convenience.”

The book, which went on sale yesterday, has caught Tim Burton’s attention and looks to be on track for a movie deal. Will Burton’s muse Johnny Depp assume the lead role and save the world from the undead? We can only hope. Check out an awesome trailer for the book after the jump with Lincoln kicking vampire ass.

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