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“The new book’s title is a play on words. Everyone thinks that I’m calling you a pussy if you eat meat. That’s not what the title is suggesting. What I say in the foreword is that if you continue to leading a sedentary lifestyle, sitting in front of the TV, getting no exercise, eating poisonous foods, you will become a pussy that is dependent on the pharmaceutical companies. If that’s what you want, right on, don’t buy my book. If you want to know what’s really going on, then I suggest you pick it up.”

- Cro-Mag rockstar John Joseph discussing his upcoming book, ‘Meat Is For Pussies’, which is due out April 15th. I’ve know John for years and can vouch for his relentless hard word in the eco and vegetarian scene. This guy rocks! To read more of what John has to say, visit!

  • Calla

    When are genitals going to be stopped being used as derogatory terms? I’m sick of our sex-negative society.

    • Holy Moly

      Yeah…, I have a pussy and veganism is for me! *sigh* Some people seem to miss the connection between sexism and carnism and *bam* that title just says it all.