by MPD
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Sure it’s called the “White” House, but things seem to be getting a lot greener over there on Pennsylvania Ave.

Rumor on the street is the most famous house in America has recently purchased new “green” hot beverage cups. Just how environmentally-friendly is this fancy eco-ware? Well, according to Christine Glunz, communications director at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, 12 percent of the entire cup is made from post-consumer recycled content — and 99 percent of the interior liner is post-consumer, too.

The new product nicely compliments the current cold beverage cups — which are made from a plant-based polylatic acid — and the new water foundations, which have been retrofitted to easily accommodate the filling of water bottles.

No word yet on how costly these new cups are, but we’re hoping they don’t break the bank! What do you think about the leaner, greener White House accesories? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Jeffrey

    That’s awesome. I hope those are just for visitors to the White House. Staffers should have their own reusable mugs, ya know?

  • frank

    can you say government greenwashing!! here’s a tip: don’t have disposable cups. if you’re going to have cups, use ones that can be re-used and aren’t intended to be thrown out after one use. sad thing is, people are going to give credit to obama and his cronies for this one, what a shame.