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“We did a show last season called ‘Whale Whores’ about the ‘Whale Wars’ guys. Everyone is against whaling, we’re not into killing whales, but if you watch ['Whale Wars'] it’s horrible–super fucking boring–and if you watch that show for long enough you will hate the people in it. They say on the show, ‘We will lie for our political ends.’ They SAY that. So our whole show was basically, ‘Fuck you, you guys are liars.’ I don’t fucking care if it’s in service of saving whales, you’re liars. But we got a thank you letter from them and an environmental award.”

“There’s NOTHING about the environment in that show…but it doesn’t matter, everyone sees their own thing in it. So a lot of our shows where even we think we’ve taken a very deliberate stand, liberals say, ‘That’s awesome, you took on the conservatives’ same show and conservatives say ‘That’s awesome, you took on liberals.’”

– Matt Stone, revealing for the first time the impetus behind the creation of the hilarious “Whale Whores” South Park episode.

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  • orcalove

    Right. As if we can believe what Matt and Trey say because they make their living from disgusting jokes and making fun of everyone. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

    • whiplash

      Lets not forget the real reason SSCS are doing important urgent work. The Planet needs help.

  • south park episodes

    Kinda have to agree with orcalove, Even though I havnt seen this episode yet

  • RadicalOmnivore

    “There’s NOTHING about the environment in that show…but it doesn’t matter, everyone sees their own thing in it.”

    Says it all really.
    Now can Eco-Razzi stop shilling for the Sea Sheep and their brand of hate mongering?