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hayden panettiereHayden Panettiere has joined celebs like Matt Damon and Bob Barker in condemning SeaWorld.

The actress/activist spoke to The Dish Rag about the unfortunate death of a SeaWorld trainer caused by Tilikum, a male Orca who has been in captivity for almost three decades.

“Honestly, it’s horrible what happened,” she says. “Three deaths by the same whale, by an animal that should be not be in captivity in the first place.

“Have you ever seen a parrot pullout it’s feathers? It’s from depression. How do you put an interactive, social animal, one of the smartest
animals in the world… and you’re going to stick them in a tub and make them do tricks? How do you do that? Because they make money? It’s disgusting and Sea World is absolutely wrong. This is a big wake up call. How many more people are going to have to be killed? When are we going to realize that these animals are not supposed to be there?”

The documentary The Cove, of which Panettiere appears in, is up for an Oscar tonight.

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  • Stepshep

    Bob Baker or Barker?

    • Michael d'Estries

      Oops. Thanks.

  • Eva

    I’m glad that certain celebrities are speaking up. I really hope something good will come from all of this.

  • erin

    I’m with Eve. Sincerely hope and pray The Cove wins tonight. Fingers crossed

  • kristin

    i love her.

  • Adri

    She is such a brave and caring person. I love Hayden!

  • herwin

    say it loud and say it clear, Sea World is disgusting !

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    The KILLER whale should be euthaniased immediately.

    When dogs attack humans, they are put down. When a shark attacks a human, it is destroyed.

    This whale carried out a murderous attack on a human and should be held accountable. A penthrite grenade harpoon seems an appropriate course of action.

    But perhaps Paul Watson should be put into its tank beforehand to see what his beloved whales really think of him?

    • don miguelo

      Yes, it is a wild animal, aptly named a killer whale. Unlike a dog that has been living in people’s houses and society for thousands of years. Yes, when a dog is rabid or bites a person they can be put down for being a danger to humans and other animals. But a killer whale is wild, and put in such conditions and in close proximity to people what else should we expect? Don’t blame the whale, blame the greed of Seaworld for keeping such a facility and putting trainers at lethal risk.

      When sharks attack (in the ocean) they are not usually destroyed because a shark swims hundreds of miles in days. Finding the same shark rarely ever happens, instead many other sharks are killed needlessly due ignorance and fear, like the kind you are putting out here. You want to put a harpoon grenade into a whale and a person and we’re the ones being branded terrorists? …I guess.

      Oh and nice win on The COVE, Hayden, let’s hope the publicity can open the small hearts we see around on occasion!

      • Evan

        Yeah. I also get confused when they say that the purpose for keeping them captive is for study. I’m no xpert, but shouldn’t the best place for study be in the wild- where these beautiful creatures belong..?

  • Ecocht Wills

    Kimitake, so sad. Get help soon.

    Not only are these orcas deprived of freedom to move around, swim where they might, encounter other orcas as they might, and do natural behaviors that we are only beginning to learn of (imagine spending your life locked in a closet), they can’t their voices as they would in the wild…and must stay mute. What psychological torture this entails, again, we can’t know.

    Tilikum should be returned to the wild.

    “The Cove” wins, time to rejoice! May the Japanese people open their minds and hearts to the annual brutal killing of dolphins and porpoises in their waters and END it!