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Photo: Avatar

Will James Cameron slam Chevron at tonight’s Oscars? Rebecca Tarbotton, Acting Executive Director of the Rainforest Action Network, is hoping for just that.

Drawing a comparison between the story of Avatar and the real-life drama of the Indigenous Ecuadorean people who are battling Chevron, Tarbotton is calling on the award winning director to stand by his promise to use the movie to inspire mass environmental activism. If Avatar wins an Oscar, she hopes Cameron will expose Chevron’s actions in Ecuador during his acceptance speech.

According to ChevronToxico, from 1964 to 1990 while drilling in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Texaco – which merged with Chevron in 2001 – dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater and spilled approximately 17 million gallons of crude oil in the region. Illegal environmental practices resulted in contamination of soil, groundwater, and surface streams which has caused the indigenous people to suffer cancers, birth defects, and miscarriages. Through the largest environmental class-action lawsuit of all time, Ecuadorians are demanding that Chevron clean up the mess it inherited.

Tarbotton writes, “If Director James Cameron accepts an Academy Award … he should also let his legions of fans know that while Pandora is fictional, what is happening to communities in Ecuador because of Chevron’s actions is as real as it gets.”

  • Evan

    The picture is just stunning. Though I’m having a hard time trying to make out what it is, it’s still awesome.

  • Whoever…

    Unfortunately ‘The Hurt Locker’ beat ‘Avatar’ for best picture…

    Now it is very clear who actually controls Hollywood and the Academy!

    Avatar is about a big corporation that using military forces and all other means at its disposal, rapes a foreign land and its people in order to exploit their resources (sounds familiar?); in the end (**spoiler alert!!**) the people finally stand up, fight back and get their land back (what we should all be doing right now on Earth);

    ‘The Hurt Locker’ is about the war in Iraq and from what I read (I refuse to watch this piece of trash) it depicts the American military as heroes (*cough* bullshit *cough*) – the rest of the world couldn’t give a f*** about the war in Iraq anymore (therefore this nomination and Oscar only prove that the Academy is controlled by the same ‘Elite’ that created this very war and so many other things); by the way, this was a war the imperialist USA (I apologize to the Americans who were against it but this is the truth) created in order to control the region and the local oil resources; there were never weapons of mass destruction or terrorism (9/11 was orchestrated and perpetrated by this Elite and not a bunch of men in some caves in Iraq or Afghanistan)… this was done to create the illusion of an enemy so that the Elite could justify everything they want to do… just business as usual for them in order to gain more money, power and control!

    Doesn’t anyone see this? ‘Avatar’ vs. ‘The Hurt Locker’ – good vs. evil and evil, in the Oscars, won!

    Call me crazy, lunatic, conspiracy theorist, whatever. The fact is that the Bilderberg Group is a reality, H1N1 flu was just another flu (the big pharma however made huge profits with the sale of the vaccines), the worldwide financial crisis only hurt the middle and lower classes, the so called ‘terrorism’ hasn’t been defeated or weakened, we are more controlled now than ever before, etc.

    Decide for yourselves…

    If people don’t wake up soon, this planet (and thus us as a species) is so screwed…!!