Last night, The Cove, a documentary which details the annual killing of dolphins in a National Park at Taiji, Wakayama, in Japan, took home the 2010 Best Documentary Academy Award and we couldn’t be happier!

Earlier this week, we reported that Ben Stiller was pulling for the film, saying, “If the movie wins, it will make a huge difference. I’m pulling for it for sure.” Of course, Hayden Panettiere, who appears in the film, was also crossing her fingers for The Cove and recently promoted it in SELF Magazine.

In his acceptance speech, The Cove producer Louie Psihoyos said:

“I just want to say it was an honor to work on this film and to try make an entertaining film that also tries to enlighten everybody. I have to thank Jim Clark who financed the film and who was also kind of the guiding wisdom behind the film, Paula DuPre Presman, my producing partner, and my hero, Rick O’Barry, who is not only a hero to this species but to all species.”

We agree!

Shortly after the win, a few of our favorites took to Twitter to share their excitement, including The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels, who said, “I AM SO GLAD THE COVE WON!!! Thank god. Please text Dolphin to 44144 to sign the petition to stop the slaughter of Dolphins from your phone.”

Are you excited about The Cove’s success? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • emancipator

    I bet the Japanese goverment is holding a secret meeting right now because their dirty little secret got out!

  • ddpalmer

    Yeah because no one noticed all the press coverage over the last 6 months especially since it got nominated.

    Only now that it won will the media actaully run any stories about the docudrama.

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  • scott olson

    Even after this award the Japanese government continues to justify their people’s right to kill dolphins.

  • Whoever…

    Fortunately ‘The Cove’ won for documentary feature. :) I guess the pressure was too big for the Academy to ignore it.

    Unfortunately though, ‘The Hurt Locker’ beat ‘Avatar’ for best picture…

    Now it is very clear who actually controls Hollywood and the Academy!

    Avatar is about a big corporation that using military forces and all other means at its disposal, rapes a foreign land and its people in order to exploit their resources (sounds familiar?); in the end (**spoiler alert!!**) the people finally stand up, fight back and get their land back (what we should all be doing right now on Earth);

    ‘The Hurt Locker’ is about the war in Iraq and from what I read (I refuse to watch this piece of trash) it depicts the American military as heroes (*cough* bullshit *cough*) – the rest of the world couldn’t give a f*** about the war in Iraq anymore (therefore this nomination and Oscar only prove that the Academy is controlled by the same ‘Elite’ that created this very war and so many other things); by the way, this was a war the imperialist USA (I apologize to the Americans who were against it but this is the truth) created in order to control the region and the local oil resources; there were never weapons of mass destruction or terrorism (9/11 was orchestrated and perpetrated by this Elite and not a bunch of men in some caves in Iraq or Afghanistan)… this was done to create the illusion of an enemy so that the Elite could justify everything they want to do… just business as usual for them in order to gain more money, power and control!

    Doesn’t anyone see this? ‘Avatar’ vs. ‘The Hurt Locker’ – good vs. evil and evil, in the Oscars, won!

    Call me crazy, lunatic, conspiracy theorist, whatever. The fact is that the Bilderberg Group is a reality, H1N1 flu was just another flu (the big pharma however made huge profits with the sale of the vaccines), the worldwide financial crisis only hurt the middle and lower classes, the so called ‘terrorism’ hasn’t been defeated or weakened, we are more controlled now than ever before, etc.

    Decide for yourselves…

  • Stewart

    Dear “Whoever…”:

    You are an idiot.


    My Brain

  • Ss

    I am japanese.
    I can also understand your opinions.Mercury is bad.
    But catching Dolphin is tradition of Japan.The idea that catch Dolphin is bad is American and people in other countries than Japan’s.
    We want you to respect different cultures.
    I’m sorry for my poor English.

    • kevin

      You and it seems many other Japanese seem to think that our problem with the Japanese slaughter of millions of dolphins lies only with mercury. Sure, people consuming tons of mercury due to the fact that dolphin meat is labeled as other kinds of meat and sold to markets all over the country and the world is bad, but it is another problem. This problem can be fixed if you stop killing dolphins for your own financial gain. Maybe you should go ahead and watch The Cove, just listen to what is said. It would not be difficult to stop killing and begin doing something else. The economic gain is quite small for each life that you end.
      It just makes no sense for a culture to say that the world fails to understand you. We understand you just fine, but you fail to see that your actions are selfish and morally wrong.

  • herb

    The Cove, as difficult as it was to watch, was a great film. The slaughter of these amazing creatures must end! Hopefully this film and the light it has shone will help end it.

  • Spirit of the Great Salmon

    The Cove is a mammalian screed that demeans all other sentient populations – avian, piscean, amphibian, and fauna. This film is a human-based ego rant that continues in the grand imperialist tradition of divide and conquer by setting up a mammalian species as somehow more deserving of compassion and love than other creatures slaughtered for their value as ‘wasabi buddies’. It has always been this uniquely human bias to create an infinite array of categories, of higher and lower orders, in order to maintain the illusion of human superiority. By legitimizing this process with an Oscar, the Academy has legitimized that most base aspect of human character – its seemingly infinite ability to define orders of reality that are both different from, and lesser than, itself. In this sense, the Academy is recognizing on one hand, accurately, that dolphins are like Jews, gypsies, American Indians, or any other group labeled – as a precursor to genocide – while at the same time condoning, and thus encouraging, the understanding that permits this abomination – the judgment that something ‘other’ is different, and is therefore lesser. I ask you to be willing to recognize that it is not the specific murder of dolphins, but, it is, rather, a general willingness to objectify, label, view as separate, and then destroy – without any sense of connection, empathy, or simple love – another living being, that is the tragedy. By making it about ‘dolphins’, we miss the point – that it is about consciousness and love, in all its forms. It is this unwillingness to accept the truth of the oneness of all beings that has created the great despair in which the world has found itself. As a manifestation of the spirit of the great Salmon I ask you to look beyond the specific abject cruelty depicted in The Cove, and, rather than identify with the dolphins, understand the interior human process that separates, judges, demeans, and condemns life in so many of its forms. See yourself in All, and the compassion that you feel will come back to you as freedom, true freedom, freedom from your attachment to fear, and an opening into a world of Love.

  • Green Justice

    I’m so happy this film won. Attracting as much attention is great so we can get more people to care!

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