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Avatar may not have taken home “Best Picture”, but James Cameron’s wife — Suzy Amis — certainly walked away a fashion winner on the red carpet.

Amis looked stunning in her blue-dyed sustainable silk gown — a “zero waste” design made from Ahimsa or “peace” silk, derived from cocoons without killing the silk worms inside.

Check out some additional pics of Suzy below:

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  • mm

    The dress is lovely and as a fiber artist I’m happy to learn about “peace silk”. Bravo. Concerned about Suzy’s health. She looks 20 pounds underweight
    and 15 years older than her biological age. Hope she’s getting help and will
    be healthier over time.

  • Concerned

    By “stunning” I think you meant to say “starving”.

  • Amy Alkon

    Suzy Amis has never been fat, and looks “underweight” because so much of America is so overweight.

    • skink

      Suzy Amis is underweight. Way underweight. Remember, the camera adds about 10 lbs. I’ll bet you see her photo on “pro-ana” sites as “thinspiration”.

      Also, since the entire Academy Awards, and indeed, Hollywood film making in general, is a shocking waste of natural resources (do we actually NEED these films? All of them?), I find it laughable that skeletor….ummm, excuse me, Suzy is lauded for wearing a “blue-dyed sustainable silk gown”. *snort* Hollywood green hypocrisy at its finest.

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