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“I think we’re going to shift away from thinking about it as a lifestyle; it will be more an awareness of the choices in front of us The real problem is the question, ‘Are you vegetarian?’ It doesn’t leave a great deal of room … If we all had one less serving of meat a week, that would be the equivalent of taking 5m cars off the road. One serving a day – 35m cars. There is nothing that we could do that would have a greater impact on the environment. Just don’t eat the shitty thing at lunch that you don’t even like anyway.”

- ‘Eating Animals’ author Jonathan Safran Foer discussing how animal products are a total bummer for the environment with the Financial Times! Check out the entire piece at And don’t forget to read our exclusive interview with the rockstar writer!

  • herwin

    i did read his new “Eating Animals” and its absolutely brilliant and original and even for me a vegan for more than 10 years it was very very intersesting and stimulating. great that he gets so many reviews and interviews in mainstream media… :-) thanks for postin g this !

  • JC

    Here’s why Jonathan Safran Foer is going vegan! Check out this informative and inspiring video.