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How can you not love Bob Barker? I ask you this, I ask you this!

News recently broke that “Mr. Come on Down” himself has donated $2.5 million to help the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) open a new office in Los Angeles. That’s a lot of cash!

Barker has been a longtime supporter of the animal rights organization and lent his celebrity status to a number of important campaigns.

The building, which opens today, will be home to the group’s media, marketing, youth outreach and campaign departments.

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk told reporters that Barker could have just given them a refrigerator but instead paid for an entire building to be renovated. Ain’t that the truth!

From all of us here at Ecorazzi, we give Mr. Barker 3 humongous cheers! Keep up the great work, sir!

  • Erica

    Great, now Peta will have more space to euthanize animals! Go animal rights!

    • Raven

      Been drinking the Richard Berman koolaid, have we?

      • LB

        Love you Bob! Don’t listen to the haters (i.e. those recruited by CCF and big ag to fight any and all animal wlefare organizations who threaten their pocketbooks) First Sea Shepherd and now PETA. Clearly Bob puts his money where his mouth is. Rock on Mr. Barker!

  • Chastity

    I love Bob Barker but I really wish he and other celebrities did not give attention to PETA. PETA and other new welfarist organizations (HSUS, Vegan Outreach, Farm Sanctuary, etc) betray nonhuman animals.

    • herwin

      So in your world you have “non human animals” and “human animals” (i suppose). to categorize all the many living beings on this planet into just two categories in which one category is for “us” the “human animals” and one for “them” the , er, “non human animals” is very antrocentric thinking.
      The correct categorizing is we are all animals, and “animals” can be divided into all species like “warthog”, “rattlesnake”, and “human” is just another of the many “animal” species.
      that way of thinking isnt new, its the biological way and thinking of classificating the natural world.

      you clearly single out just one species (er, “human animals”) and seperate them from all the millions of er, other “non human animals”. that distinction is very antro ego thinking.

      and why not call them “animal humans” and we call ourself “human animals” ?

      • Chastity

        herwin, I can see that you’re nitpicking but I’ll answer any way.

        It is because we have a tendency to categorize ourselves as separate from animals by saying “humans and animals.” Humans ARE animals. Now quit philosophizing.

  • erin

    I think he’s really the second coming – like the son of God in disguise or something. So amazing.

    Chastity can you elaborate on how they betray…er.. non human animals?



    • Chastity

      1. PETA euthanizes healthy, adoptable nonhuman animals. Thousands of them per year. Ingrid Newkirk confirmed this herself on a Canadian show called The Hour. If I can find the link, I’ll post it up here.

      2. They engage in sexist campaigns to raise “awareness” for them. You can’t fight for a cause while exploiting another. Nudity and sexuality have nothing to do with animal rights. If you’re fighting for the rights of sex workers, that makes sense. If you’re fighting against nonhuman animal exploitation, there’s no room for such antics.

      3. PETA awarded Temple Grandin, a slaughterhouse designer.

      4. They are also in bed with exploitative industries–one minute they’ll be against them and the next minute they’re fawning over them for providing “compassionate”, “humane” products. Sorry but there’s no difference between petting a cow and cooing over her right before bludgeoning her and kicking her in the face right before bludgeoning her. If this line of thinking were applied to humans can you imagine the outrage if someone were to ask if a murderer treated their victim “humanely”?

      • Raven

        Chastity, do you have any non-biased sources to back up what you’re saying? And please don’t bother with the Peta Kills Animals Richard Berman propaganda. I’m sure we’d all love to see where you are getting these statements from. Bob Barker is a great guy who’s always stood up for animals, as has PETA. Are you referring to “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” as sexist?

  • herwin

    Bob Barker , thanks from the bottom of my heart, what you do is great and heartwarming !!

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      What he does is great? You mean financing a bunch of thugs so they can commit acts of violence on the high seas and endanger human life in the name of ratings for their TV show?

      I think it might be more a case of “senile” rather than “great”.

      • erin

        on the high seas? i didn’t know peta was doing uh… stuff on the ocean?

        you sure you’re not thinkin’ of someone else?

        endanger lives!??!


      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Erin, I was referring to another group on his payroll that claims to be about ‘conservation’. They’re an awful bunch of misanthropic thugs who use violence to gain publicity and donations – it’s sickening stuff really.

      • herwin

        i think financiing a bunch of reckles eco thug terrorists who commit acts of violence against peaceful er, “whale researchers” is just great, and so does millions of tv viewers.

      • Felicity

        Sorry, if you think the Japanese whale hunters’ work is peaceful (slaughtering whales for profit claiming research), you are heartless, and this is not the site for you. Surely there’s a We hate animals site for you somewhere?

  • Bencat1000

    Bob Barker is a dedicated animal advocate and his actions prove it. Anyone who cares about animals is in deep appreciation to Bob Barker. The animal protection movement needs all the help it can get.

    • Taylor

      So, because I disagree with Bob Barker’s choice and PETA’s antics, I don’t care about animals?? Hmmm, here I thought it would be the other way around. PETA does not help animals. They KILL animals. They are a terrorist organization. They kill thousands of animals a year, and adopt out barely any–7 animals in 2008, and 8 in 2009. In ’08, they killed just under 96% of the animals that came into their facility; in ’09, the death toll was more than 97%.

      So? Does that sound “right” to you? I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that if Bob really gave a shit (or, for that matter, cared to find out what PETA is really all about), he would have put his money into a less… Murderous organization. No-kill shelters, rescues… For that matter, low-cost spay/neuter clinics, if that’s his major hang-up. Bob is an idiot. His intentions are admirable, but all he has done is make things WORSE for the animals he so desires to help.

      I am a die-hard animal lover saying this. My life revolves around the various furry, scaly, and aquatic critters that reside in my home. I am Anti-PETA BECAUSE of my animals.

      Statistics are from . I suggest you take a read before you go on praising PETA and Bob Barker.

      • Felicity

        Taylor, I’m sorry you fell prey to the well-funded PR spin of Berman and his animal-hating organization Humanewatch.

        Claiming PETA is a terrorist organization is truly ignorant, and has zero basis in fact. And repeating what you heard some other paranoid fanatic say on Facebook doesn’t make it true. I would suggest you look into the evil you’ve sadly fallen prey to:

  • Jen

    This is insane, help the humans first, feed some kids around the world, PETA are terrorists, money makers.
    How stupid his decision, what a shame we came to this point in life, specially now with this economy his money could be helpful in many other ways.
    PETA Hypocrites.

    • georgina0912

      Holy crap. When are people going to learn that there are millions of people helping people already; and you Jen are probably one of those. On the other hand there are millions of people helping animals; and i, Georgina belong in that group. There are also people who lend their time and money to other, many worthy causes.

      Just because PETA is PETA, yes controversial, people always say things like “help humans first”. PETA is an animal rights group, get it right, animal rights, not human rights. For human rights you have organizations like United Way, for animals we have PETA, the HSUS, ASPCA, SPCA, WWF, Farm Sanctuary, local shelters, individuals working really hard with their own money to save as many animals as they can.

      If you care for animals find another animal rights group because PETA isn’t the only one out there, but do not give your back to animals just because of one organization.

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