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If their numbers hold, the Sea Shepherd have dealt the Japanese whaling fleet a heavy financial blow.

With the industry already dependent on the Japanese government for tax breaks and cash, Paul Watson’s goal of defeating whaling with diminishing profits appears one step closer.

In a release, the organization announced that Operation Waltzing Matilda was their most successful campaign ever.

“For three straight weeks from February 5th until February 26th we prevented the entire Japanese whaling fleet from killing a single whale. The month before, we had shut the whalers down for twelve days giving us thirty-three solid whaling-free days, which is one-third of their whaling season. In addition, our actions forced the harpoon vessels Shonan Maru 2 and the Yushin Maru 3 to break off from whaling activities to serve as security vessels to oppose Sea Shepherd interventions, and this prevented these two vessels from killing whales for almost the entire season.”

The SS estimate that such tactics and delays cost the Japanese whaling fleet roughly $70 million. “The Japanese are becoming clearly more frustrated and aggressive because they are losing a lot of money and this year they took that frustration out by deliberately turning in and ramming the Ady Gil and taking out a $2 million dollar ship,” said Watson.

If not for the ramming of the Gil, the organization says their latest boat, the MV Bob Barker, might have been able to stick with the fleet and prevent whaling for the entire month of January.

Watson says that details on just how heavy the blow was will be revealed when the Japanese release their official takes for the year.

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  • ddpalmer

    And Paul Watson bases that number on what? A Ouija board? A Magic 8 Ball?

    • don miguelo

      According the article above^^: “Watson says that details on just how heavy the blow was will be revealed when the Japanese release their official takes for the year.”

      Sounds like Watson knows that certain people will not just believe him and his crazy unicorn numbers. Fair enough. I’m sure those same people will instead believe the fairy numbers the japanese release, looking at their track record for accurate, 3rd party audited accounting so far.

    • ddpalmer

      Do you mean the numbers that are publically available for anyone who wants to take the time to look at them?

    • sidewinder

      Historically, Japan has violated whaling regulations such as size limits, species limits, gender limits, seasonal limits, sanctuary boundaries, and even supported “pirate whaling” (killing whales in secret around the world through front companies with foreign labor to smuggle meat back to Japan without reporting to the IWC).

      So, we really can’t believe anything that is reported from the Japanese whaling industry can we now?

      • don miguelo

        …Not to mention uncounted whale by-catch from Japanese commercial fishing. This is exactly what I was referring to up above, albeit a little sarcastically.

        You can’t have a double-standard for the numbers, whether it’s money or whale counts. We shouldn’t believe either side due their vested interest!

        So no, I’m not interested in the aforementioned “publically available” numbers because even though they are, that doesn’t make them right. History books are public but they ain’t always right, now are they?

      • imforthewhales


  • georgina0912

    Well, i for one cannot wait to see those numbers and hope Captain Watson is right.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Georgina, Paul Watson is not a registered captain. To refer to him as a captain is a grave insult to that respected title. It is erroneous and confers upon him a legitimacy and respectability that he does not deserve.

    Also, as you well know, he is a proud and known liar.

    Sea Shepherd could not find the research fleet for most of the whaling season, floundering around with the Shonan Maru 2 while the research continued unimpeded. Yes they chanced upon the fleet in the dying days of the season and got some nice footage for their TV show. But the fact is, the 2009/10 whaling season was a catastrophe for Sea Shepherd. They failed miserably. But of course they can’t admit this; who would donate to a such an ineffective and failed group? Thus, they announce a successful season. Everything they do is geared towards soliciting publicity and donations.

    And all the while, they suck millions upon millions of dollars away from actual conservation groups to buy expensive machinery and weapons to get ratings for their TV show and feed the giant ego of Paul Watson.

    If whales were capable of human-like emotion, I’m sure they would weep.

    • whiplash

      Kimitake, enough nit picking and weak arguments. Are you Japanese? Surely you would be an insult to the Japanese would you not?

      Such a propaganda machine are you? ICR words echo through and through. Thats great that you sit on your ass bitching about SSCS, constantly waiting for a chance to post something negative.

      Shows your colours, shows you have nothing positive to say and post rubbish around the clock. Have you thought about getting a life?

    • From MN, with hope…

      Which fight were you following? Greenpeace’s? They never even had a ship down there! The whalers arent willing to give Sea Shepherd commends on Sea Shepherd on their BEST ANTI-WHALING SEASON YET! They found the fleet after the BB deceived the NM, and after the SI lost the SM2 sometime in early January/late December. They stayed with them for a while, but after the AG incident, the BB lost the fleet. They found the fleet yet again in Feb, and stayed with them for the whole month! Now, the SSCS has been on the tail of the whalers for about 1/3 of the whole season. Now I may not be the best at math, but 1/3 is a very considerable amount if you can spend that time killing several whales a day.

      What proof do you have that they are doing this just for the sake of their TV show? This has been their 6th expedition to the Antarctic, 3rd with the film crew. Looking at footage provided by Sea Shepherd from the previous seasons, it appears that if they really did want desperately to get a TV show, than the season they bought the Robert Hunter(2nd or 3rd expedition), or their 1st(where the Farley Mowat went it alone) wouldve been the season to see. Captain Watson was approached by Discover Channel, and they offered him a camera crew. Wanting to get this viscous killing of whales (that if anyone thinks is research needs to get a brain stem) to the public. That is how I got interested, now I am a dedicated supporter, who doesnt care much about the TV show b/c I have seen the activities from Ecorazzi, Sea Shepherd, (and for photos and videos) the whalers site. I know what will happen. Many of my peers dont, so I could really just give the whole season away! Think about that, if they wanted more viewers why would they have press releases? That gives the whole spirit away!

      Captain Watson deserves more than the respected title of ‘captain’ he deserves ‘admiral’ or something of greater respect. He has saved million of animal worldwide. Who cares if he doesnt have his captains license, he captains the ships, and he has since his Greenpeace days! Greenpeace is sucking money from Sea Shepherd. Banners do nothing, direct action does, yet its ‘Greenpeace’ this and ‘Greenpeace’ that, and when you ask the average Joe on the street who/what Sea Shepherd is, most will just ask what you’re talking about. Say ‘Greenpeace’ and you will get an answer.

      Take a few bites of some humble pie, and look at your values again, because if you’re willing to be paid to say these things, you must not have many values.

      • Abe

        Admiral Watson of the Imaginationland Navy. Making up shit as he goes. After he saves the whales he can help Manbearpig.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      I’ve already explained why it is incorrect to refer to him as captain. If you insist on giving his name a prefix, perhaps “convicted criminal” would be more appropriate given that he was convicted of a violent criminal offence in Norway in 1997?

      Sea Shepherd’s actions have three results:

      a) Gain publicity for Paul Watson

      b) Gain donations for Sea Shepherd

      c) Entrench the Japanese position on whaling

      As I stated, Sea Shepherd draws attention and funding away from genuine conservation and environmental issues. Minke and humpback whales aren’t endangered, everyone knows that. But whaling is an emotional issue for many and Sea Shepherd exploits it gain publicity and money. Similarly the TV show – it’s all about attention and money.

      Glenn Inwood once described the Sea Shepherd liars as an “ocean-going Joseph Goebbels”. Whilst I cannot disagree with the principle of this analogy, I would sooner describe Sea Shepherd as an “ocean-going Paris Hilton” (no offense to Paris intended). Media and Money is all they want.

      If you don’t believe me, you might like to consider why Sea Shepherd is deafeningly quiet and completely inactive on the issue of Australia’s 44% take of the critically endangered Southern Bluefin Tuna. Not a peep. Why? There’s no money in it for Paul Watson. He knows he can’t put Australia off side because he needs Australian ports to launch his fund raising campaigns in the Southern Ocean.

      Thankfully, despite all their violence and lies, Sea Shepherd is remarkably ineffective. The 2009/10 research programme went largely unimpeded and one of its thugs will stand trial for his crimes. Furthermore, the IWC seems to be coming to its senses and is moving to lift the moratorium on commercial whaling. So things are looking up.

      I guess it’s true that crime doesn’t pay? In the end, the truth will prevail.

      • enola gay

        Funny how Kimitake ignores what anyone responds with and re-hashes the same text about Paul Watson not being a captain and a convicted criminal.

        He keeps calling watson a liar? Well guess what Kimitake, no one really cares what you have to say.

      • From MN, with hope…

        There you go again, tooting the ‘convicted criminal’ horn again. Just because you get pulled over for speeding means you cant call yourself a driver anymore? The incident involving the Norwegian coast guard ship the Andenes and the Whales Forever was not even half Paul’s fault, but nevertheless, he was indeed convicted. We call him Captain Watson because it is a title of respect, that he deserves after many many many years of activism that have saved millions, starting when he was a kid, destroying traps in the woods. But the thing of it is that Paul doesnt care what you think about him! He so secure in what he values that he couldnt care less about what you think.

        Their actions hace resulted in the lives of thousands of whales being saved! Again, if they did care about their T show, why would they wait until Sea Shepherd’s 19th year? The Sierra conflict would’ve called more viewers and publicity to a money-starved Sea Shepherd. You think Paul begged for a show? He was approached by Discovery for his show, and due to the attention the whaling issue(not Paul) would get, he thought it was a good idea. And nobody forces you to watch the show, or make donations, so stop whining about it. Its Greenpeace that wants all the money they can get so they can sit around while Sea Shepherd does all the real work. Greenpeace hangs in Japan, trying to get attention to the subject, while Sea Shepherd goes to Antarctica to actually appose the whalers.

        Since when does Inwood matter?

        I am not the person to ask regarding Australian bluefin fishing, but I believe Sea Shepherd wants to take down the majority takers of the bluefin tuna: Japan.

        It isnt research, if so than why would they shoot their research specimen with harpoons tipped with grenades, then cause damage to the body by shooting it or electrocuting it, then dumping the intestines overboard? And why would they slow their research for commercial whaling, like they’re paying off countries so they can?

        Prove to me that Sea Shepherd was ineffective. They had the whalers running for 1/3 of the total season. Previously, when they had them running for less time, they were remarkably effective. This season was their best, so lets see if the Japanese government still wants to keep your position at Inwoods office, since they arent making any profit on whaling, and will have to shave some useless weight in order to keep them afloat.

      • ddpalmer

        The biggest taker of bluefin tuna is Australia not Japan.

      • sidwinder

        DD, guess which country is the engine room for global whaling and global tuna fishing? JAPAN.

        It’s insatiable appetite for sea food shows no sign of slowing.

        How dare they stop us eating sushi / sashimi. We will eat it until everything is extinct.

      • imforthewhales

        Glenn Inwood once described the Sea Shepherd liars as an “ocean-going Joseph Goebbels”.

        Interesting, given japans history

      • Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez

        “Glenn Inwood once described the Sea Shepherd liars as an “ocean-going Joseph Goebbels.

        Interesting, given japans history”

        Quite interesting. It seems to be a national trait to think that the rules don’t apply to them.

    • imforthewhales

      f whales were capable of human-like emotion, I’m sure they would weep.

      funny, i was thinking the same thing about you!!!!!!!

  • Simon H.

    I have to peck at a specific detail here. I’m grateful for what the seashepherd do, it is extremely important for the survival of the planet. The losses for the Japanese whalers is a marvelous sign and hopefully it’ll put them out of business.

    However, having seen the footage from both sides I’m confident the Ady Gil was placed in the path of the Shonen Maru II. By the time the Shonen Maru II had brought its bow around, you can see the crew of the Ady Gil making their way to the rear of the vessel. Their actions showed that they were bracing for an impact, and we all know that SS will do whatever it takes to their end. Of course, I wasn’t there so I don’t truly know, but neither do you just from video.

  • http://none James Wilbur

    At least Paul Watson is doing something. Sure he is trying to get the funds to run the operation, how would anyone else do it. And the Asian culture thinks nothing about lieing themselves to get what they want.

    No matter the psycology of Paul Watson, it is important to stop slaughtering whales for specialized feeding frenzies of the Japanese nation. It is about money, and we already can see the Sea Shepherd and it’s crew is not rich, and will do all they can to get out to the public what is going on.

    Forget about any Japanese responses here as they are bogus, from the get go. It is all about the Japanese losing great amounts of money,whether by wails or tuna it is all the same big bucks period.

    The Japanese are liars as are most Asians when it comes to saving face.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      He might not be able to save the whales, but Paul Watson sure has proven himself successful at inciting racial hatred.

      • billy jean is my lover

        Yeah just like the racial hatred you are stirring up, twit.

      • Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez

        “He might not be able to save the whales, but Paul Watson sure has proven himself successful at inciting racial hatred.”

        Captain Watson has not incited racial hatred. He is simply trying to enforce the law, since no one else will get off their behinds to do so.

        It’s getting pretty damn old to see various ethnic groups whine about bigotry when their governments are called on their behavior.

      • ddpalmer

        What law is he trying to enforce? And what gives him the right to enforce it?

  • imforthewhales

    Hiroake…back in 1942 japan tried to invade the whole of the Pacific.

    I see that as being racist because Japan thought they were better than everyone else.Looks like Japan still thinks they are better than everyone else.

    Anyway good to see the Japanese whaling machine going down.

    Go Sea Sheperd!

    Oh BTW the Japanese whalers are damn lucky that sea Shperd only throws rotten butter at the stinky whalers.

    Has anyone seen what the Russians do to Japanese poachers?

    • Mick


      “back in 1942 japan tried to invade the whole of the Pacific.”

      “I see that as being racist because Japan thought they were better than everyone else.”

      You think so, do you? Let’s see. Hong Kong: BRITISH COLONY, Indo-China: FRENCH COLONY, East Indies: DUTCH COLONY, Burma: BRITISH COLONY, Singapore: BRITISH COLONY, India: BRITISH COLONY and the Philipines: AMERICAN COLONY. There sure were a LOT of Europeans and Americans in ASIA and in control of ASIAN countries. I guess the Europeans and Americans thought they were better than Asians, huh?

    • Mick


      “Oh BTW the Japanese whalers are damn lucky that sea Shperd only throws rotten butter at the stinky whalers.”

      By the way, SS is very fortunate that Japan is such a peaceful and law-abiding country. Otherwise, there would be fewer stinky nasty hippies in the world.

  • emancipator

    ddpalmer you and i have been enemy’s for a while. So just to get things straightened out i just want know why you want kill innocent whales

    • Michael Raymer

      After reading his posts for a few months now, I’m not sure he cares one way or another. He’s found a forum where he can get under peoples skin and that’s where his head is at. One look at how he either ignores or distorts the facts bears this out. I’ve seen his type too many times before not to recognize it here.

    • From MN, with hope…

      Im in the same boat. He and I have had many quarrels, all of which ending with him not responding to one of my comments, and he moves on to a newer Sea Shepherd-based topic. For whatever reason, he has gotten a bit ‘less intelligent’ and started calling it research around the end of February. Gotten a bit less rational too. Just dont respond with and racist remarks and you should be pretty good. Also, dont get angry with him. I lost my nerve once, and it really didnt help one way or another.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Emancipator, I do not attempt to speak for ddpalmer as he has demonstrated himself more than capable to do so on his own behalf.

      However, I would like to offer an answer to your questions as to why he [allegedly] wants to kill “innocent whales”.

      I would answer by suggesting that whales are no more “innocent” than the cows, chickens, sheep and pigs that are slaughtered by their millions every day.

      In fact, balleen feeding whales such as the minke and humpback plunder the ocean of krill which is a vital food source for many marine species, some of which are endangered. The minke, and to a lesser extend the humpback, are now in plague proportions and they pose a direct threat to the krill population. It remains to be seen if the whale populations at their current levels are sustainable.

      Furthermore, whale meat does not require the vast land, water and carbon usage that traditional meat sources such as cattle do. Whales are also a free range meat source that does not involve the cruelties inflicted upon common farm animals.

      While I think it is erroneous to expet a justification for the hunting of a species that is not endangered (such as the minke and humpback whale), I believe the above is enough reason for the recommencement of commercial whaling.

      • Michael Raymer

        And this is where the pro-whalers go completely off the rails. We understand cows, pigs, chickens, etc. because there is not a whole lot to understand. They are, in fact, dumb animals who do not have the capacity to understand the world around them. They eat, shit and breed, that’s it. It is no moral quandary to domesticate them (although there is a huge number of people on this forum who just began to hate me for saying that). You CANNOT say that about whales. We do not know the extent of their intelligence, we have yet to decipher their language in any but the most basic terms, and we have no idea what their capacity for suffering is. Lumping cetaceans in with livestock is selective ignorance, period.

        They “plunder the ocean of krill”??? What on Earth are you talking about? Show one credible piece of peer reviewed research that confirms that. One piece. You guys just make stuff up as you go, don’t you.

        One last thing. I have read some claims that “modern methods” of killing whales have become “almost instantaneous”. Again, when the truth fails, just make something up. Modern methods take 20 minutes of pain and suffering. The beef, pork, chicken, et al, industries have to answer for this same type of cruelty. You were the one who lumps them all together, did you not? If the meat industry has to be held to a humane standard, then by your own fiat, so do the whalers.

        One last thing. Earlier today some hysterical chick called me a Sea Shepherd supporter. I honestly don’t give a damn about Sea Shepherd and I give less of a damn about Paul Watson. It’s the whales, dolphins and porpoises that I care about, so in the future, leave the minutae out of the conversation, if you are responding to me.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Michael, I wasn’t responding to you and nor did I mention Sea Shepherd. But I will respond to you now and I won’t mention Sea Shepherd. I promise.

        Firstly, I will point out that the allegations of the so-called intelligence of cetaceans is entirely without scientific evidence. There is not a shred of proof that they are intelligent, sentinent or anything else the hysterical anti-whaling looneys claim they are.

        It is possible that certain carniverous species such as the dolphin or orca have greater intelligence on account of their need to hunt fish and seals etc – perhaps on par with a dog or a cat (the killer whale in the marine park certainly seemed to have the capacity of pre-meditated murder of an innocent zoo keeper). But balleen feeding species such as the minke or humpback are oceanic vaccuum cleaners with no need for such intelligence. Accordingly, it is more likely they have an intelligence level on par with a sheep or cows.

        This is only relevant, of course, if we are to consider intelligence as a proper means of gauging the sanctity of life. That in itself is questionable.

        You see, the whole “intelligence” thing is just an anti-whaling “argument” that the looneys came up with after cetacean stocks recovered and the conservation argument was made redundant.

        Michael-san, humpback whales, for instance, can consume up to 1,361 kgs of krill per day. If you want evidence of this, you should conduct a Google search. Plenty of evidence should present itself in a matter of seconds.

        Similarly, if you would like evidence of the swift and humane nature of modern harpooning technology, there is an IWC report that confirms it all. I don’t have it at hand but again, Google should be able to provide you with it.


      • Abe

        Michael Raymer needs to do a little more research on the intelligence of pigs. They are smarter than dogs and some people think equal or smarter than dolphins.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Quite right Abe. Pigs are also very social, I understand.

        But I suppose that doesn’t really help them in this “survival of the cutest” game that goe son around here.

        I was interested in one of Michael’s comments regarding whales: “we have yet to decipher their language in any but the most basic terms”. Is the implication here that we have deciphered the language of chickens and cows and sheep and pigs?

        Yet another gem from Paul Watson’s big bag of fun “facts” I wonder?

      • From MN, with hope…

        You cant lump cows, pigs, and chickens in the same group as whales. The cows, pigs, and chicken are grown, genetically enhanced, and bred for the purpose of food, who die a rather painless death. Whales are free creatures, who plucked right from their natural environment, in a VERY painful way. But wait, so are deer, because in Minnesota people hunt deer! Oh no, that makes me a hypocrite! Except it doesnt. Not in any way. I am opposed to hunting the creatures of the world, even more so in the case of whaling.

        The feeding of whales upon the oceans crill/fish isnt harming the oceans in any way at all. If so, why have whales been here, unhunted by man, for thousands of years, and not died out due to lack of food? Its the oceans natural cycle/food chain. Whales eat fish, fish eat smaller fish, and so on. The only reason this abstract of yours exists is 1) a reason for whalers to continue their hunts, and 2) humans have over fished the ocean, so instead of coming to the fact that we are fishing to extinction, we want to pin it on something else, like humans always do.

        You’d be surprised. Whales have carbon dioxide inside their bodies, and by killing them, and chopping them to pieces, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, where it wouldve festered on the ocean floor, not to be released for hundreds of years.

    • ddpalmer

      I don’t believe I ever said I want to kill whales.

      I am against people lying and breaking the law in an attempt to stop a completely legal activity just because they feel they are superior.

  • Michael Raymer

    “But balleen feeding species such as the minke or humpback are oceanic vaccuum cleaners with no need for such intelligence. Accordingly, it is more likely they have an intelligence level on par with a sheep or cows.”

    Here we go, having the same old argument, the same old way. I don’t want to hear about what is “more likely”, I want to hear about what is proven and disproven.

    “This is only relevant, of course, if we are to consider intelligence as a proper means of gauging the sanctity of life. That in itself is questionable.”

    You’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re joking. How else do we gauge the sanctity of life? Sentience and intelligence is THE measuring stick. Please explain to me, in detail, how this is questionable.

    “humpback whales, for instance, can consume up to 1,361 kgs of krill per day.”

    I do not dispute this. I dispute your claim that by doing so, the whales are harming anything at all. That was your earlier point. I want to see your proof that whales consuming a food source that they are not able to deviate from are, in fact, “plundering the ocean”. This was the point you made earlier. Show me, with scientific proof, what other krill eating species are going without because of the whales.

    “Similarly, if you would like evidence of the swift and humane nature of modern harpooning technology, there is an IWC report that confirms it all.”

    I join the rest of the anti-whalers here in proclaiming that the IWC is a joke. I can read their report, or I can watch the ample footage of whales that have been harpooned. I have, and I’m pretty sure you have too. I’m sure it is as “swift and humane” as they can make it, but it’s not good enough. And it still doesn’t cancel my earlier assertions about hunting an intelligent and sentient species. Why you people refuse to even consider the capacity and possible capacity of any other species besides man is astonishing to me.

    I didn’t aim the Sea Shepherd support crack at you. I did so because reading some of the tripe (from both sides) around here is making me grind my teeth more than is healthy. The only way in which I give a rats ass about Watson and Sea Shepherd is what they accomplished TODAY. This ongoing game of gottcha, he-said she-said, who’s lying and who they’re lying to is ridiculous. If whales are being saved, great! If not, not great. That’s my stance. Why don’t I go and join them? Two reasons: 1. I have responsibilities that I can’t walk away from and 2. I’m old, fat and I don’t have any requisite skills that would be of assistance to them. But I want this version of senseless cruelty to end.

  • Mick

    The tally of whales taken this season, is in. The Fisheries agency announced that 506 Minke whales and 1 Fin whale were taken in the SO this season. However, they also announced that they were able to obtain enough data to determine that the whale population in Antarctica was increasing.

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  • Rob

    I used to be a supporter of SSCS but seeing the recent events and disclosure of some unknown information, I did some research of my own and I am thoroughly disgusted with Paul Watson and SSCS,

    Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Society:
    A Financial Expose
    By Myles Higgins
    Friday, October 7, 2005

  • romika3

    This remark has been removed due to a violation of our commenting policy. Reason: Baiting.

  • Cho cho ma

    Rob I would like to point out that link you sited is 5 years old. Sea Shepherd is a responsible organization when it comes to funds, thus recieving the 4 star rating from the charity navigator.

    In the most recent fiscal report(2009) the finacial break down is as follows:

    Campaigns $5,884,321
    Merchandise $927,629
    General $596,828
    Fundraising $466,365
    Education and outreach $124,885
    Total Expenses:8,000,028

    Distribution of Campaign Expenses-
    Antarctic Whale Defense $5,550,680
    Galapagos $146,948
    Bluefin Tuna $136,509
    Seals $34,495
    Sharks $14,329
    Dolphin $1,361
    Total Campaigns: $5,884,321

    Donations $9,319,014
    Merchandise $1,226,864
    Royalties $119,689
    Functions $55,605
    Foreign Currency $13,637
    Grants $10,200
    Gain on investments $2,681
    Dividends and interest $ 1,048
    Total Revenue: $10,748,739

    Distribution of donations-
    Restricted $5,497,160
    Unrestricted $3,821,855
    Total donations: $9,319,014

    73.55% of funds go directly to campaigns