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Photo: video screen capture

Shipping in ice from Sweden, designer Karl Lagerfeld created a 265-ton iceberg which was displayed center stage at the Chanel Fall Winter 2010/2011 Preview in France. The vision? The world is not warming but rather cooling.

“Have you felt any warming this winter?” Lagerfeld asked reporters. “Maybe that’s all nonsense, who knows.” He added, “In any case, nature has its surprises.”

Models donned in shaggy faux fur coats, pants, and boots – and resembling Yetis – sloshed through the giant melting glacier (Possibly the real story?) as they showed off the must-have fashion for upcoming frigid temperatures. The models pranced through the arctic setting while the song “Ich moechte ein Eisbaer sein” (translation = “I want to be a polar bear”) was sung over techno beats.

And if there was any argument over Lagerfeld’s statement, he told the Telegraph, “It’s not global warming, it’s global-cooling!”

Karl Lagerfeld also used the show as an opportunity to celebrate faux fur “because fake fur has changed so much and is so great now that you can hardly see a difference.” He continued, “You cannot fake chic but you can be chic in fake fur.”

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  • Chastity

    “…because fake fur has changed so much and is so great now that you can hardly see a difference.”

    Is it perhaps because faux fur is made of dogs and cats?

    • Dgredesky

      for the most part yes!! sadly it is from dogs and cats

  • herwin

    its great that fur moron Lagerfeld only shows faux fur this year.
    “You cannot fake chic but you can be chic in fake fur.”
    :-P thats what “we” are saying for years !

    Chastity, what planet are you coming from ? why you think that, er, perhaps faux fur is made from dogs and cats ? isnt faux fur fake fur ?

    • Chastity

      No. It’s not. Now mosey on over to HSUS’s site for the details. And I don’t even support HSUS.

    • Dgredesky

      herwin in china there are hundres of fur farms were the animals are dogs and cats!! it is actually cheaper to make a jake with dog fur then fake fur !! but they still lavel it as fake because they know people woulnt wear dog fur plus is ilegal in america but sadly becuse it value its less then $150 it not required to be level at all.

  • herwin
    • georgina0912

      Yeah about Lagerfeld’s comments, i think i would rather want to be “attacked” by a pack of minks than actually wearing one. I do not think they would kill me, but i would i kill them to avoid their looming attack? No.

      AAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH……MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calgon, take me away!

  • pierre

    HSUS has found quite a lot of animal fur that has been advertised–and sometimes labeled–as fake fur.

    That being said, most fake fur is actually fake fur — acrylic, mod acrylic, etc.

    Looking at extreme close-ups of a number of the items in this show, it appears that what was used was actual fake fur — probably mod-acrylic.

  • jasmine

    ok wtf is that? i kno its cold and all but i but there is no way in hell i would wear those fake fur coats.