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betty whiteAfter weeks of campaigning, fans of Betty White have finally caught the attention of Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels.

The show announced today that White, 88, will host the legendary television show on Mother’s Day Weekend, May 8th. The hilarity that is sure to ensue may just well live up to the hype. At last count, the Facebook group which started it all — aptly named “Betty White to Host SNL (Please?)!” — has more than 485,000 fans.

Michaels confirmed that they had previously asked White to host in the past, but each time she said no. This time, it appears that the grassroots effort won over everyone. We can hardly wait to see what SNL has in store for one of our favorite animal-loving actresses.

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  • erin

    Bob Baker (and many others) know she’s ANY thing but an animal activist. He hated her so much he didn’t want to show at a awards ceremony where she’d be.

    Why you ask?

    Because she wanted to keep the beautiful poor loner elephant at the awful LA zoo there instead of to go to a beautiful sanctuary with other elephants.

    Betty white – lock her up.


  • Chastity

    I’m playing devil’s advocate here but I guess it depends on which sanctuary. Sometimes sanctuaries are just that but then there are sanctuaries who will lock the “rescued” animals in cages. There was one elephant sanctuary who made the elephants paint so that they can sell their work to raise money. Sounds pretty innocent but the questions that come to mind are “why aren’t they roaming around and being elephants? Why must they learn to paint as a novelty fundraising effort?”

    Zoos are abhorrent but I have no idea why people are considered animal activists when they are partaking in their exploitation–vegetarianism, breeding operations, “humane” product consumption, “vegans” telling other vegans to stop “preaching” while spreading misinformation to the public (“Go veg!”, “do what you can”, “it’s okay to buy stock in Tyson Foods”, etc).