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ryan goslingRyan Gosling is no vegetarian, but he’s nonetheless severely upset at how McDonald’s continues to use outdated chicken slaughter practices.

The 29-year-old penned a letter on behalf of PETA to McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner. Check it out below:

“Dear Mr. Skinner, I was shocked to learn from my friends at PETA that McDonald’s, a company that claims to be an industry leader in animal welfare, still allows its suppliers to use an outdated chicken slaughter method that results in broken wings and legs and causes birds to be scalded to death in defeathering tanks.

“Many of McDonald’s suppliers in Europe already use a much more humane slaughter method that eliminates the worst cruelty. What’s your excuse?

“Because no federal laws govern the treatment of chickens during slaughter, the responsibility lies in your company’s hands to create and maintain a high standard of animal welfare. I hope you will agree that the time has come for McDonald’s to truly take action to reduce the suffering of chickens killed for its restaurants. I look forward to hearing your decision. Thank you. Sincerely, Ryan Gosling.”

In 2008, Ryan wrote a similar letter to the largest franchisee of KFC’s in Canada asking the company to update to the more humane, modern methods; just days later, the company that coordinates the purchase of chicken for all Canadian KFCs agreed to phase in the purchase of 100 percent of chicken from suppliers that use these methods.

To write the company yourself, contact Jim Skinner, CEO, McDonald’s Corporation, 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523.

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  • Chastity

    I wonder why animal rights activists (I’m one myself) want to negotiate with industry. Why is this only present in the animal rights movement? Gloria Steinem would never negotiate with Hustler Magazine. Martin Luther King Jr. would never be in talks with the KKK. Why are activists trying to get in bed with an exploiter?

    • herwin

      so you are an activist, eh. congratulations.

      actually they are not “negotiating”, because “the industry” doesnt talk with Peta, they are just exposing animal cruelty by publicly demanding (and not negotiating) that companies should try to eliminate at least the worst abuse.

      you are quiet wrong about mr King, he was very openminded and open heart, never thinking or acting in terms like “we” and “the enemie”, never shutting doors,if there would have been an oportunity to talk with the, er, the KKK, he would have taken it, positive person as he was.

  • Chastity

    herwin, have you read the article Invasion of the Movement Snatchers? If so, I invite you to read it. Nonhuman animals are commodities and the simplest way to solve this is by going vegan. Why? Because one is refraining from giving their money to industry. PETA negotiates by calling for a boycott and then later asking everyone to send letters fawning over the company/product under fire. If we want to see an end to nonhuman animal exploitation, doing a species-specific protest and other single issue campaigns don’t help Asking people to go vegetarian doesn’t help. Underestimating people’s willingness to go vegan doesn’t help. Carelessly throwing one’s money away to a wealthy organization doesn’t help. Going vegan does and encouraging by going vegan does. Even if McDonald’s were to come out with a “cruelty free”, plant-based burger, it wouldn’t be vegan because it is offered by a company who routinely profits off nonhuman animal exploitation.

    People aren’t properly educated on what veganism is. It’s a principle that seeks no negotiation. People think you can be vegan solely for health reasons or environmental reasons. No. If it doesn’t include reasons of the rejection of all forms of nonhuman exploitation, then it is not vegan. Writing to McDonald’s in hopes of freeing the birds is naive at best. If we want to free the birds (and other nonhumans), we have to take our money away in hopes of bringing industry to bankruptcy.

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