by Daelyn Fortney
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An estimated 540,000 t CO2e (tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions) are produced by the UK music industry annually, according to research that was released March 9.

The study, conducted by researchers in the UK and USA, reveals that three-quarters of the industry’s GHG emissions are caused by the live performance sector and one-quarter is derived from the recording and publishing sector. GHG activities are attributable to audience travel (43%), live music venues (23%), and music recording and publishing (26%).

To gather information for the study, the researchers used a set of case study representatives then scaled-up the results based on the actual numbers in each sector. The participants were selected after a notice was placed in a leading trade magazine as well as through direct mail and Julie’s Bicycle network, a non-profit company helping the music industry cut its greenhouse gas emissions.

The study points to Julie’s Bicyles for its support and efforts within the music industry and acknowledges performers who “are firmly committed to social and environmental issues,” including Annie Lennox, KT Tunstall, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, Sting, Coldplay, and U2.

Researchers conclude that the study has helped assemble an understanding of the climate change issue in relation to the music industry, identified key areas within the industry where reduction efforts should be focused, and provided evidence to leaders within the industry. “This approach of drawing together the commitment of music leaders with the science at it relates to industry will help to create the structures and processes, as well as business models, that can most effectively support the climate response of the creative community. Furthermore, it will be through this cooperative process that the music industry will be able to assert its cultural leadership to support the social transformation towards a low carbon society.”