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Close to three decades after his untimely death from a rapidly spreading form of malignant melanoma at the age of just 36, Jamaican reggae legend Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley continues to make headlines, not just for his musical legacy but now for his family’s willingness to merchandise his surname. Perhaps this ongoing recession of ours is partially to blame for 42 year old daughter Cedella’s acknowledgement that they’re “open to licensing just about anythingas long as it reflects the right spirit.

One has to question what the ganja-lovin’ icon would have thought of his family’s decision to open the Bahama Island Marley Resort & Spa — quite possibly the first of many more to come on the horizon — complete with Stir It Up bar, Marley “song title rooms” and his select MP3 hits piped throughout the resort on a loop. Hotels are traditionally one of the most energy-gobbling industries to get into, but to their credit, they have implemented “eco friendly polices to reduce the negative impact on the environment” and they also channel some of the profits earned toward charitable endeavors via the Bob Marley Foundation, Rita Marley Foundation and URGE.

It seems as though the Marley family’s desire to make a gainful living by invoking their father’s name is at least in the right place given the news of their newly launched House of Marley, which is an extension of the acclaimed singer’s vision of a joyful, hopeful and united world. Formed to offer sustainable goods that convey the core values of authenticity, charity, integrity and environmental respect, Marley’s 11 children and presumably his other surviving family members are committed to spreading more happiness throughout the world as well as giving back to Mother Nature and her inhabitants by selling a diverse range of affordable products such as consumer electronics, aromatherapy items, bags, kitchenware and candles.

Each item will be composed of natural and sustainable materials whenever possible or at the very least made with recycled content and packaged along with an artisan, factory and field worker-inspired “one love” bracelet (in homage to Marley’s famed 1977 Wailers tune). Their CEO, Jamie Salter, says that one of the things they’re most proud of is their “less-waste packaging” which reduces the carbon footprint of their product line, “making the entire process, from design to disposal, one with the earth.” The relationship they’ve established with HoMedics – the main global manufacturer of relaxation, stress relief and wellness products — is an alliance that they believe offers this project the type of synergy that their father would have approved of. More likely, Bob will look down with a great big smile on his face every time a global youth, environmental and peace-related charity benefits from the some of The House of Marley’s proceeds.

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