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A bunch of British people are freaking out right now!

The UK government is being criticized by Britain’s independent advertising watchdog agency over a “scary” climate change themed television campaign.

In the ad, a father reads a bedtime story to his child, which warns about the dangers of CO2. At the end of the story, the child asks, “Is there a happy ending?” The narrator then declares it’s up to us to determine how the story will end.

The Advertising Standards Association spokesman says nearly 1,000 complaints about the ads have been received – but we don’t see the big deal. A father warning his child about the dangers of pollution? We wish more parents would do that!

Watch the video below and tell us what you think! Did the UK government go too far or are people just overreacting? Chime in and share your thoughts!!

  • Dgrede

    are this people serious?? this commercial is awesome!! those who are upset im sure the drive a hummer and think that Recycle is for eco-terrorist.

  • Cups

    I think this is great! I was expecting something awful but was pleasantly surprised. It’s important people begin to open their eyes to the reality of the impact their daily actions made on the environment and take a stand to change that.

  • Rad_Rosa89

    I think this is a powerful ad!

  • richard fisher

    it’s probably a uk based “grassroots” organization thats responsible for the backlash. and when i say grassroots… i mean the same way americans for prosperity is a grassroots organization. whether someone believes in climate change or not, and how they couldn’t is beyond me, but lets assume someone is genuinely skeptical. we are dealing with a finite resource… if driving a more fuel efficient car extends the life of that resource… doesn’t it make sense to do just that ??? i mean lets face it… altruism isn’t going to do anything to appeal to these guys… it’s gotta be about motivated self interest… and in sumation… awesome advertisement… i like the way they make the target demographic very clear.