by Daelyn Fortney
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Now staring in ABC’s FlashForward which follows characters after experiencing a 137 second future-revealing blackout, Dominic Monaghan is arguably one of the greenest actors in Hollywood.

In a recent interview with Mother Nature Network (MNN), Monaghan discusses his passion for recycling and his plans to ditch his Prius for an electric car, particularly a Tesla. Until he makes that big purchase, the green advocate is careful when it comes to where he purchases gas for his current car, staying away from “certain big companies.”

The actor, who also starred in Lord of the Rings and LOST, regularly volunteers at the California Wildlife Center and is particularly passionate about the idea of wild animals’ natural environments being destroyed by humans. “We’re breeding out of control and we’re one of the top ten damaging animals on the planet,” says Monaghan. “If we disappeared I think things would get slightly better, but if some other animals disappeared things would start to degrade. I think we need to be a little more responsible.”

Dominic Monaghan is currently pitching a show idea to networks focusing on animals and troubled areas of the world. He plans to write, present, direct, and produce the series.

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