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We’re pretty sure that massive food companies (read: Kraft, Coca Cola, General Mills) have no real interest in sustainability or creating a healthier society. For these guys, it seems to be all about the bottom line. Michelle Obama, however, is more optimistic and still hopes they might straighten up and get on board in the fight against obesity.

Yesterday at a meeting of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Michelle asked the largest food companies in America to start making healthier food and to stop marketing the unhealthy foods to children.

“We need you not to just tweak around the edges but entirely rethink the products you are offering, the information that you provide about these products, and how you market those products to our children,” she said.

“While decreasing fat is certainly a good thing, replacing it with sugar and salt isn’t. This needs to be a serious industrywide commitment to providing the healthier foods parents are looking for at prices they can afford.”

In her speech, Obama asked that companies start making food labels less confusing and increase healthy marketing campaigns.

Rick Wolford, chairman and CEO of Del Monte Foods Co. and chairman of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, said “We are willing to do more, and we are willing to go the extra mile.”

What do you think? Will corporate America truly get on board? Chime in and share your predictions!

  • don miguelo

    It would also help to stop govt subsidized corn, eliminate pig farm manure lagoons, stop fertilizer/pesticide runoff from the Mississippi River from creating 6000 sq mile oxygen-free killzones in the Gulf of Mexico, and put people back to work as farmers on sustainable farms (by taxing/code-enforcing these big brands’ suppliers out of business)!

    Go Michelle but don’t forget to holler at your husband’s ear about this stuff too!

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  • herwin

    marketing uhealthy foods to children should be made illegal. producing unhealthy foods okay, some (read : most) people dont care anyway about their health, but marketing the stuff should be, just like cigarettes, legally banned and discouraged.
    its great she adresses this problem in nononse words to the food maffia. :-)

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  • Marti Swestka

    Barack Obama is a commander that will go down in history for more than just being the earliest African North american president. With the gfc there have been some difficult circumstances these days for People in america and for the whole world and The federal government has had to deal with the way in which to tackle this and lots of different problems. He has his followers and his critics but he has surely made a major contribution to America.