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Sometimes, to truly appreciate a particular aspect of Mother Nature, you’ve got to speed her up a bit. The technology that allows us to do this has been around for decades, but — as evidenced by Discovery’s LIFE series — there are a few new tricks that make it look more stunning than ever before.

After the fold are seven beautiful videos that took a tremendous amount of time, effort, and in some cases, daring on the part of the videographers. Everything from the night sky to the four seasons to the making of a super-tornado are all represented. Take a couple minutes to enjoy what used to be days — and even years — condensed into a few moments.

Arctic Melt Time Lapse from the BBC series The Great Melt

One Year in 90 Seconds

Incredible Forest Time-Lapse Shot From BBC LIFE. (Full one-minute sequence at the 9min mark.)

National Geographic Northern Lights Sequence

Crazy Time Lapse Video of Super Cell Tornadoes from June 2009

Time Lapse of the Milky Way at Hakuba Lake

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  • Evan

    Those were some very cool time lapse footage. One thing’s for sure, if we don’t do what we can to halt the damage we’re doing against mother nature, we won’t be needing time-lapse to see how she strikes back.

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  • Eva

    Those were fantastic – thank you so much for posting this!

  • Diy

    Wow, i don’t believe i missed this gem. I absolutely love time laps effect.
    The Tornado clip was wicked.

  • Un blog avec des vidéos

    This vids really stuck me, i found the one on the Hakuba Lake really really excellent !