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Ever mindful of publicity opportunities, PETA has requested that the current owners of the SEX.COM domain be charitable and donate the address to their cause.

The domain, one of the most valuable in the world, is going up for auction today. It was purchased for about $14 million in 2006 — and is expected to draw even bigger bucks this time around.

“PETA has never hesitated to use sex to make people aware that going vegan is the best thing that you can do for animals, your body, and your lover, so it makes sense for and PETA to hook up,” the group writes in a letter.

“Visitors to the newly revamped site could watch our sexy Super Bowl ads like “Veggie Love” (about how a vegan diet can enhance your time between the sheets) or watch Alicia Silverstone’s naked testimonial—living proof that a vegan diet does a body good. They could gaze on sultry ads featuring gorgeous vegetarians, like Pamela Anderson and Owain Yeoman, or join the action and participate in one of our Sexiest Vegetarian contests. They could also read about the many vegan foods that are natural aphrodisiacs.”

It’s a fine idea — but it will never happen. Not with millions on the table to be won. But still, I’d love to see the faces of people hitting a new, vegetarian-themed Well played, PETA.

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  • herwin

    i dont see any gain for veganism or animal rights into hooking up with a domain. i mean, i think it will not make a good image to the average person who will only get another image of wacky vegans / animal rights activists.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    It is curious that the more extreme animal rights groups such as Sea Shepherd are more than happy to align themselves with dubious entities for monetary gain.

    For instance, Sea Shepherd happily accepted the money of Ady Gil, a sleazy character who promotes the use of dating websites that seek to couple wealthy older men with poorer younger women for sexual gratification.

    Sea Shepherd accepted his dirty money by the millions and plastered his name all over one of their attack vessels (ineffective as it may have been).

    It seems these fanatics are willing to make “conservation” “heroes” out of anyone willing to cough up enough money, regardless of where it comes from.

    Disgusting, really.

    • From MN, with hope…

      Wow, throwing Sea Shepherd into a PETA conversation. PETA wants that domain name to draw attention to their cause. Sea Shepherd just owns and thats enough for them. Ady Gil is a respected producer. Compared to what else happens in California, thats small news. At least hes not on drugs, or a pedophile. The Ady Gil/Earthrace boat wasnt too effective because she was sunk before it got a chance to do too much.

  • erin

    The current (and original) owner (as the domain was stolen from him and he got it back) is a friend of mine on Facebook (and in real life) the one and only Gary Kremen. I hope PETA can buy it. Who cares HOW they get attention.. nothing wrong with (or sex for that matter!) Go for it peta!


    • herwin

      nothing wrong with or sex ;-) i agree with that. and also HOW they get attention is also okay. but the message gets lost a little bit, thats all…the discussion everywhere, from fora to mainstream media, to non veggie friends, seems to be more and more about sex and controversial tactics than about animal rights issues.
      the whole stuff like linking broccoli to sex (the famous never aired superbowl add) just makes vegetarianism looks wacky.
      personally one of my fav addds is the holocaust add, a damn shame Peta cancelled it, it was too powerful and too to the point.

      • Michael Raymer

        Very good points. I’m not veg and never will be. But, I have no problem with vegans promoting their lifestyle. Their problem (and it is by no means confined to vegans) is that they flail about too much, hoping to hit a target. I think a more well-defined focus would get better results. This-is-who-we-are-and-why-we-are would be a better approach, in my opinion. As we say in the forum community, “Stay on topic!”

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