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Discovery Channel’s LIFE series premieres this Sunday on seven channels owned by the media giant — and early reviews from around the web point to another winner for the network.

“There is not a single episode of Discovery and the BBC’s Life that would fail to make Avatar look drab and dull by comparison,” writes WIRED’s Matt Blum. “There are suspenseful chase scenes, bizarre and jaw-droppingly gorgeous creatures, and animal behavior that seems at once alien and familiar — and the best part of it is that it’s all real.”

“And the stuff that they capture with these incredible cameras and setups are most definitely things you have never, ever seen before,” writes Adam Frucci of Gozmodo. “They use amazing slow motion to show us how animals move like never before, and stunning closeups on tiny creatures that gets you closer than you thought was possible.”

Regarding the narration, most reviews are giving Oprah praise, but in my opinion, Frucci nails it on the head concluding his review with, “It’s not a huge deal, but given the choice I’d take Attenborough’s excited professorial narration over Oprah’s fake drama any day of the week.” Yup.

Check out our gallery of stunning photos from LIFE by clicking here.

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  • Penny

    can’t wait to see it!

  • Geoff

    Great show so far but I cannot stand Oprah narrating. What does she know about this show?I miss the English guy.

  • majiik1

    I watch discovery, history, animal planet, etc. So I don’t have too listen to oprah. Thanks for screwin that up. If I enjoyed daytime crap o vision….I wouldn’t watch discovery. What was wrong with Mike, or David and/ or Richard or Kent or the guy who narrates capturing the moment. Thanks for killing three years of filming. In one stupid move. What a blatant lack respect for the work that went into the filming…just had to sell out to the highest bidder. Hey…if I tell people how good planet earth was, can I narrate the next one?