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Sarah Palin Alaska

Not surprisingly, there’s some massive interest in Sarah Palin’s nature-themed reality television show about Alaska. Discovery Communications and A&E Networks are apparently the top bidders for the program — which would focus on the ex-governor giving a guided tour of her native Alaska.

Obviously, this one is all about the potential ratings — since linking Sarah Palin to environmental conservation is laugh-out loud tenuous. Maybe the show would work better as a comedy, inserting a laugh track under every quip about how much she loves nature and all its inhabitants.

Speaking of hilarity, Palin reportedly wants between $1-$1.5 million per episode — a huge amount for a freshman cable series.

“It will sell,” predicted one insider to Reuters. “One way or another.” And that’s the sad truth.

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  • don miguelo

    Is a “REALITY NATURE” show the one where she gets eaten by a bear? I bet it’s the one where she advertises rifles, leaves a giant mess, votes Al Gore off the preserve, and divorces Todd to marry Jake from “The Bachelor”. And they release balloons and doves at the wedding while saying their grass stains prove they are eco-friendly?


  • Jay’me Golden

    I do not think that sarah palin did one thing to benefit Alaska, not one thing. In fact, I would have to say she did the opposite. She went out of her way to destroy the endangered wild life, opened protected areas up for oil drilling, endorsed the killing of the protected wolf population, certainly did nothing for the people, frankly, I cant figure out how she was even elected as government of Alaska. If Discovery does pick up a series about Alaska and sarah palin…that will be the last time I watch anything on the Discovery Channel.

    • Elaine

      I agree completely and truly hope that Discovery does not pick it up as I love that channel and would hate to boycott it because of this idiotic woman. One thing that makes me a bit nuts and probably the folks of Alaska as well, she is NOT an Alaska native, was born in Idaho. Let’s blame them for her, okay?

  • Eli

    That so-called woman is evil, pure and simple. Let her sell that crap to one of those public progam channels where vicious hunters gather to ply their bloody trade and nobody really watches. She doesn’t deserve validation for the disgusting and merciless crimes she’s committed against Alaska’s animals.

  • orcalove

    Discovery… don’t do it. You will regret it. This woman is Poison to the environment and anyone with a sense of logic.

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  • Palin Hater

    Sarah Palin, The Governor of Alaska that 1] escalated the war on AMERICAN wolves offering a bounty of 150.00 for a set of wolves front legs, 2] She fought HARD AGAINST the increased protections of the struggling Polar Bear population. 3]also fought against the protection of the dwindling Cook inlet Baluga Whales…I WILL BOYCOTT THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL AND A&E OR ANY CHANNEL THAT HAS THIS SMART MOUTH “BIATCH” AS A SPOKESPERSON.

  • Petrifiedhippy

    why would the media or anyone fuel this foolish woman?

    I will boycott Discovery also ~ hell, I boycott anything to do with Palin, even her pasty dirty ole man friend – McLain… geesch

    these two are going thru men-0-pause big time