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So what’s our green crusader up to now? Don’t think for one minute that lukewarm reviews of DiCaprio’s latest Martin Scorsese-directed flick, Shutter Island, have slowed him down. The A-lister still packs a showbiz punch as the narrator of the new IMAX Hubble 3D documentary and when it comes to matters concerning Mother Nature, he’s on fire. The National Resources Defense Council Trustee is intent on setting a positive example for fellow earth lovers by practicing what he preaches, which might explain why — in an effort to get more financial support behind multiple environmental initiatives — he allied himself with watchmaker TAG Heuer last year. The luxe Swiss brand is actively involved in combating climate change by supporting Green Cross International and NRDC, which DiCaprio has praised as part of their “global mission…to protect our planet.”

That partnership has now manifested itself in TAG Heuer’s “Odyssey of Pioneers”, a 150 year anniversary commemoration event in which a specially designed zero-emission plug-in electric sports car – the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster – will be engaged in an eight month long, 12,000 mile “epic, round-the-world adventure”  to demonstrate that our global culture is ready for this type of eco-friendly vehicle technology. DiCaprio, in conjunction with the CEOs from Tesla and TAG Heuer, kicked off the event in Basel, Switzerland yesterday with the unveiling of the special-edition Roadster, which is now currently on the road with driver Luke McClure at the wheel (as well as cameraman Vivien Floris). The journey will expose the public not just to the remarkable technology of the Tesla but also to a collection of Tag Heuer’s finest watches made throughout multiple decades.

DiCaprio won’t be involved in any part of the actual journey that the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster takes (throughout Monaco, Milan, Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, and finally, Paris), but he’ll likely be there in spirit. As a very satisfied owner of one of Tesla’s 244 mile per charge vehicles, he has said of the experience that it’s “an unbelievable drive” that is “scarily fast” and happens at “the flip of a switch.” As for DiCaprio’s alliance with TAG Heuer, he stated that their desire to do good in the world is what fills him with the most pride, adding that the model they’ve set which enables consumers to “buy a quality timepiece and help save the planet at the same time” is one that he hopes other eco-and socially conscious businesses will emulate.

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  • herwin

    electric cars have zero emissions if you conveniently dont bother to think about the emissions of electric powerplants.

  • Michael Raymer

    Not all power plants. We got hydro-electric where I live. But, as far as conventional power plants go, if there are going to be emissions, we should get the most we can out of them. I mean, it’s not like they are going to be emitting any less without electric cars getting plugged into them.

  • herwin

    Michael, thanks for the response.
    are you saying that more elctric cars will not lead to more electricity produced by powerplants ? wouldnt you agree that its more accurate to say that our (you, me, the consumer) electricity consumption demands how many elecricity powerplants produce, and even how many powerplants are needed. more electricity demand will translate in building more powerplants.

    hydro electric can mean several methods, including environmental methods as well as environmental destructive methods. Usually its the last, with building huge dams turning huge ecosystems like flowing rivers and forests into big lakes.

    “Green Cars” is just some mental greenwashing for eco egos who dread the thaught of living without cars, or reducing it, or even considering it. “Green Cars” are filed just as “Organic Meat” in the BS section.

    • Michael Raymer

      As they say in Goodfellas, “‘ey, whaddya want from me?” I think it’s a positive step that may work out. As far as more power plants being built? I don’t see it that way for any kind of foreseeable future. I see it more as getting the most out of the power plants we have now. Power plants produce emissions, cars produce emissions. Now, if we have cars that don’t produce emissions, that’s a positive step. It’s not like there’s going to be thousands of these cars by this time next year, or the next. We aren’t even in the infancy of this type of technology. I think it’s worth a try, and we’ll see how it goes.

      Believe me, your points about hydroelectric are well taken. I have been gritting my teeth for decades over the inability and/or unwillingness to get effective fish ladder technology installed in every dam we got. There used to be a phrase, “Well, we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we….” That’s how I feel about our dam system. But, there they are, and they don’t have a smokestack, so at least that’s something.

      I, obviously have no idea where you live. Where I live now doesn’t have a smog problem, but I have lived in several places where there was. I’m not going to get on a global warming rant (here, at any rate), but anyone who has seen shots of L.A., Tokyo, NYC or any other urban area when they are under an ongoing smokescreen will agree, something’s got to give. If not for the planet, then for the health of the citizens who live there. Perhaps Green Cars are a selective solution for certain areas. I just think that it’s worth a try.

  • herwin

    mick, its not a matter of how we see things, its a matter of logic. pure logic dictates that if we use more electricity, current powerplants will have to produce MORE energy and will have MORE emissions. its basic logic.
    electric cars dont get “leftover electricity” that wouldnt be used anyway, as you suggest.
    there is nothing that doesnt suggest that these electric cars willl become serious elctricity guzzlers when produced by the hunderd thousands. welcome nuclear powerplants.

  • Vincent


    You might be interested in the following video (the full speech of Leonardo during a TAG Heuer event in Basel):

  • Amber

    I really liked DiCaprio, BEAT IT! :P

    Anyway thanks for the link Vincent, I really enjoyed the video while eating cookies :P