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Sarah Palin Alaska

Sources are saying today that Discovery Communications has edged out rival A&E Network in acquiring Sarah Palin’s new Alaska reality nature program. An agreement could be announced in the next few days.

What’s unclear right now is what network Discovery might decide to taint with the new series; though mom-friendly channel TLC is being assumed.

As we mentioned earlier, Palin is asking for about $1.2 million per episode — which would make it one of the most expensive nature documentaries ever filmed. The high-definition program will be shot in a style similar to “Life” and “Planet Earth” and will feature Palin acting as a guide to the Alaskan outdoors. No, really.

Stay tuned for the impending doom announcement soon.

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  • don miguelo

    “Hi. I suckered 2 networks now into getting P.A.I.D to promote the NRA, heli-hunting, and my conservative agenda to millions of viewers!

    I paid bounties to have wolf moms killed, now go watch me greenwash my image by forcing an alternative ecoviewpoint to all yoos AlGorists out there!” –Sarah Palin’s between the lines message.

    The only thing “green” about this show will be the money she will make. Lame.

  • georgina0912

    Totally agree with don miguelo.
    The first thing i thought when i read this postis was that Palin will give viewers lessons on how to tire-out packs of wolves to shoot them from above and how to cut their right front leg to get paid. Hmmm, how to kill moose and pose with the dead animal for a beautiful, scenic picture…what else…i am sure Palin will find plenty of things to kill because after all, she has to eat and the woman needs her meat!

  • orcalove

    Agreed. There is no love between Sarah Palin and the Environment. I hope Discovery hopes to flush her out for the nitwit she is. This program could not have any educational benefit whatsoever. I wish Discovery would put that into protecting wildlife. Sarah Palin is in support of Aerial hunting of wolves. She is also in favor of drilling the heck out of Alaska. That ecosystem is too precious to waste. Perhaps Palin needs to see the aftermath of Oil spills…
    I will loose much respect for Discovery if they go with this.

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  • http://simplesite Ann D

    I was also taken aback at the mention of a Discovery Channel show with Ms. Palin narrating.

    We cannot learn anything from a person of her caliber, nor do we wish to.

    Please let her rake in her extravagant speaking engagements, and photo opps elsewhere, and pay someone worth acquiring the check