by Elizah Leigh
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Who can say which of Alicia Silverstone’s recent confessions is more surprising – the fact that she once shared a bath with Woody Harrelson’s three children, or the fact that she was moments away from lathering them up with mainstream body care products?!? The two have admittedly been chummy in recent years – so much so that the former Cheers star actually inspired Silverstone’s appreciation for nude gardening — but daring to use regular soap on his tender kiddies’ bodies? Well, that was enough to make the celebrated vegan and eco-activist protest.

The head-scratching incident occurred at Harrelson’s Hawaii residence just as his children were about to step into an outdoor bath along with The Kind Diet author. As soon as he caught wind of the assortment of conventional products that Silverstone was poised and ready to use, he said, “They’re not getting in your bath. Look at all the products you’re using. You can’t even read the ingredients. They’re going into your skin, the largest organ in your body. I don’t want my kids in that.”

Describing it as a moment of awakening, the star of the upcoming flick Vamps realized that using natural products on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what we choose to put on the inside of them. Regular visitors of Silverstone’s website can see on a daily basis just how far Harrelson’s sage advice has rubbed off on her, with nary a laboratory-concocted product recommendation in sight!  We’re all ears when the next Hollywood star steps up to the plate to offer their two cents on free-for-all adult-child bathing sessions…;)

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