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Discovery’s new series LIFE has become the network’s most-watched premiere in a decade.

The Sunday premiere drew 11.8 million viewers — which trumps Planet Earth’s first day out by about 1.5 million.

As expected, the narration by Oprah Winfrey is drawing criticism. In a recent poll we had on the site, over 66% of the almost 200 voting said she was a bad choice. 17% thought Sigourney Weaver should have returned to narrate — something echoed by Gawker’s review of the series.

The producers traded in the majestic and regal Sigourney Weaver, who narrated Planet Earth for their biggest fan, Oprah Winfrey. And it’s not Oprah using her, “My best friend Julia Rooooooobeeeeeeerrrrts,” voice. It’s Oprah using her very serious voice where she talks about sad things that are going to break your heart. We are, by now, Pavlovianly programmed to cry at this voice.

Others commented on how their dollars will be going to the BBC version once released since Oprah makes the whole thing sound “like a children’s television show.” Ouch.

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  • Dgrede

    I loved Sigourney Weaver, her voice was so beutiful and nature like, and i hate being able to put a face to the voice, it doesnt make it mysterious any more!! i want Sigourney Weaver back!!!! i bet she maddddddddd!!!

  • Daws

    I would have thought, with the added success of Avatar (and it’s eco message), that they would have snatched Sigourney back up for this series. I like Oprah but Sigourney is a better fit.

  • Damien

    The voice over should never have been changed. David Attenborough has spent a lifetime doing nature documentaries and I might argue has done more for environmental issues than anyone I can think of. Do you know what a sun fish looks like? Or an elephant shrew? Or a capibara? That’s because of David Fucking Attenborough!!!!!!!!

    This stupid idea that we have to re-voice these movies for an American audience is just that…. stupid!!!!!

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