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silvermanOn March 30, comedian Sarah Silverman will moderate a climate change debate between skeptic Phelim McAleer and renewable energy advocate Amanda Little. The Lexus-hosted event, touted as “The Darker Side of Green” debate, will be used to introduce the CT 200h premium compact hybrid to North America.

“Lexus hybrid vehicles have been designed to appeal to both the eco-minded and those unwilling to compromise on luxury and style,” said David Nordstrom, Lexus vice president of marketing. “We thought The Darker Side of Green debate was an intriguing way to express this multi-faceted appeal of the new CT 200h.”

Silverman is expected to bring a unique perspective to the event which takes place at the 2010 New York Auto Show. When asked why she agreed to moderate the debate, Silverman replied, “I like the idea that a big schmancy company like Lexus is willing to engage in an unpredictable debate.”

Following the debate between Amanda Little, author of Power Trip, and Phelim McAleer, director and producer of Not Evil Just Wrong, DJs Paul Sevigny and The Misshapes will perform.

Needless to say, this one should be interesting…

  • BW

    This is just truly bizarre.

    The quote from the Lexus guy is absolutely hilarious though.

  • Travis

    I think its finally starting to give for all those who promoted the CO2 agenda for so long. Finally companies are supporting the debate instead of towing the line and pretending there wasn’t one.

    With all the climate scandals at the UN and IPCC over the last 3 months and now today’s reporting of the growing climate scandal with NASA’s temperature data, years from now I think we will shake our collective heads with how foolish we were to just accept the words of failed politicians, environment activist groups, scientists playing politician with words and phrases like “trust us and scientific consensus” when it came to global warming and climate change theory.

    Good on Toyota/Lexus for doing this. Bring it on! let true debate begin.

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  • solame.

    lOok at the comments… that was the point…

    the producer of this event & this tour for lexus is a known cliomate denier. He blogs about it in a serious way on a major conservative outlet…

    so basically, he used corporate dollars – TOYOTA / LEXUS – to amplify and give validation to his fringe beliefs…. and all this in the name of a HYBRID?!>!?!

    Lexus should be ashamed and the green community should not be allowing it to happen…

    Shame on lexus.

  • solame.

    please… give me a break travis… fringe reinterpretations of what almost every scientists agree is a truth does not change the facts.

    there is no debate. there is no scandle. there is just your political agenda being supported a corporation. Lexus/Toyota got themselves in bed with a climate denier (patrick courrielche) who blogs all over the internet for conservative sites… they allowed him to use their money and platform… they will learn in time it was a mistake…

    …and let the debate begin? dont hold your breath… its a marketing stunt.