by Michael dEstries
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Photo: English/Russia

russian cows

Like something out of dystopian science fiction film, a farmer in Russia has installed several Samsung LED televisions with looped views of green fields in the Swiss Alps in an effort to make his cows more “happy”.

I guess it’s just too much in today’s world to actually expect animals to be let outside to enjoy their natural surroundings. Sigh.

Gizmodo via English/Russia

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  • Diane

    I think really it would be better to not show them.. it’s almost mocking isn’t it?

    • Dgrede

      yes !!! it is so sad!!!! lets say the cows believe thats real!!! how sad is for them not to able to get there!!! they farmer is just an idiot who is trying to do something good! i guess!

  • Phil

    This idea is ridiculous! I agree that really is just mocking them. Although to be fair I have been to farms in Korea and the coes have acres of space in this photo compared to the space cows have there! Whatever happened to sustainable farming!

  • Sonia

    I agree with Diane and Phil. That’s just f-ed up! Poor cows:(

  • Chastity

    Good lord. That’s terrible and it goes to show just how desperate agribusiness is in not freeing the nonhumans whom they keep for human ends. Cages/crates or no cages/crates, get them out of there! Even if they are in their “natural surroundings” their natural lives are not meant to be used for human purposes. So they don’t mind spending money on Samsungs but then will freak out if they lose money because people are going vegan?

    This is greed in its most absurd.

    • Abe

      I think you people have watched too many cartoons. You believe that animals think and act just like non-animal humans. How do you know they want to be outside in green fields? Maybe they like having food and water brought to them and not having to forage. What if they like being very close to all their friends. You might think these things seem cruel, but you are no more experts in cattle psychology than I am.

      • Chastity

        Abe, I love that assumption. It’s called giving them the benefit of the doubt. How is it so wonderful and beautiful to keep someone around for your greed and pleasure? I think it’s you who has overdosed on animated caricatures of smiling animals who “totally want to die” for us.

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  • Michael Raymer

    Guys? You are looking at ONE picture of cows in a barn and drawing all kinds of extreme conclusions. Now, all I have is that same one picture. But one thought does occur to me when I look at that same picture, then read the title. It’s Russia and it’s winter. Who says that the cows WANT to be outside right now?

    • Mick

      Michael Raymer,

      You stated, “You are looking at ONE picture of cows in a barn and drawing all kinds of extreme conclusions.”
      However, I couldn’t help but notice that YOU look at one report and draw all kinds of “extreme conclusions” about an entire country.

    • Chastity

      Considering that vat meat is around the corner…the industry is not above bending over backwards for their flesh, breast fluids and menstruation at whatever cost. Gluttony, I tell you.

  • kristin


    and once again in my life, i have to say: did you see the south park episode when…

    they show the turkeys being slaughtered “humanely,” which consists of the turkeys watching a movie for about 5 seconds of a beautiful nature scene, then getting all their heads chopped off.

    Matt & Trey always get it right.

  • herwin

    nice photoshopping, nice and arty.

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  • Samantha

    A perfect example of why I’m vegan. I can’t understand anyone who supports this kind of enslavement and exploitation.

    And don’t be naive. This may be in Russia, but it’s actually a more comfortable setting than most factory farmed animals in North America have to endure during their short, miserable lives.