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Sarah Palin Pitching 'Planet Earth-Type' Reality Show About Alaska

It’s happened.

Discovery Communications formally announced today that they’ve acquired 8 episodes of Sarah Palin’s new nature documentary series to air on the TLC channel. The same woman who championed the term “Drill, Baby, Drill” and sought to limit federal endangered species protections for Alaska’s wildlife will now be a narrator and “tour guide” for the state’s natural beauty.

I wonder how many times TLC president Eileen O’Neill repeated in her head that this was a great idea before it finally made perfect sense.

Of course, Discovery is on cloud 9 lately thanks to a ratings bonanza with their new LIFE series — and it’s no secret that Palin is sure to build upon that success. It’s also sure to polarize viewers — many of whom would rather see the beauty of Alaska presented by Carrot Top than the former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee. Let’s not forget that this is the same woman who does not believe in man-made global warming, recently condemned “the Obama administration’s environmental extremism”, and has referred to the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge as “a flat, barren plain that is very, very rich in resources.”

Oh yea — there’s also that thing with the wolves.

O’Neill characterized Palin’s new series as perfect for TLC as the channel “is grounded in great storytelling, strong characters, and passionate audiences drawn to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Don’t be surprised, however, if the irony of a Palin-narrated nature doc extends to Discovery’s other channels like Planet Green. It’s good bet that the network will attempt to replicate it’s successful “seven-channel” premiere strategy as it did with LIFE.

While terms of the agreement are being kept secret, I’m thinking Discovery probably coughed up close to $10 million — making this one of the most expensive nature docs ever produced. Did they sell out? Most certainly — but the controversy of such a decision — as well as the build up to the series — may pay off handsomely for the network. It’s just too bad it will cost them a piece of their soul in the process.

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  • orcalove

    Pathetic Discovery Channel. Unless you are hoping to show the real Sarah Palin to bring her down… This is just sad. That $10 million dollars could have went to so many other worthy causes that are doing something for positive change on this planet. NOT the destruction of it. I hope this blows up in their face.

    • Daws

      Couldn’t agree more. I hope this a major flop for them. I wish people would stop validating this vile woman. I’m so sick of hearing about her.

      • http://facebook Faith Summerlin

        I am tired of hearing you and we both have the right to turn it off or go somewhere else. GO USA and the right to free speech!

    • http://facebook Faith Summerlin

      Typical “liberal” rhetoric. You are all about your rights but do not think others have the right to think too. I do not need you to tell me how to vote, what to watch, how to talk! I am intitled to my opinion just like you. Do not tell me what should be aired on tv. I have the right to watch what I want the same as you. If you don’t want to watch it go to another station while I watch what I want. Thank God we still have the right to express ourselves. I am glad you can not tell the Discover channel what they can watch. America is still free unless people like do away with our rights.

  • Sui Generis

    GO USA ! GO Mrs. Palin, GO TLC !

    • Dgrede

      you GO TO HELL!!

      • http://none Kel

        Very mature reply. Are you a fifth grader?

    • Chastity

      Astroturfers be damned!

  •* Sandy Buckley

    Orcalove, could not agree more. Cannot wait to see how The Discovery Channel defines “great storytelling, strong characters, and passionate audiences drawn to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things” with this woman at the helm of the show. Another channel I will not be watching now…appreciate that!

  • kristin

    i skimmed over this at work earlier and HOLY CRAP DID NOT NOTICE THE DEAD BEAR WTF!?!?!?? evil. pure evil. donate some $ or sign a petition for Defenders of Wildlife – they have a great campaign:

  • Magaptera Guardian

    Well, it’s official, Discovery Channel’s gone apeshit….

  • georgina0912

    This is such sad news. How can they make that jump from LIFE to Palin? Have they not been watching the news lately, or following the Defenders of Wildlife campaigns, or seen her picture next to a dead moose she had just shot?

    Agreed with orcalove, i hope they regret this decision. I do not know how ratings are counted, but my TV and DVRs will surely not be recording her shows…i will probably be watching The Simpsons, or maybe i will be reading a good book.

  • Dgrede

    they know what show you are watching, does how they count rating, so what we need to do is not even recorded it or watch it at all so ratings dont go up!! and only pass the mgs to people that really care about the planet and animals, because by telling other people not to watch it, you may Increase their curiosity.. so hopefully not alot of people will watch this stupid crap! and by the way the discovery family is screwing up lately, with the taking on tyson show on animals planet and my monkey baby on TLC.. idk whats going on with these people!!!

  • JourneyHome

    Sensationalism sells – its the Howard Stern, People Magazine, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck model of success – the more outlandish and crazy the more rubberneckers you get…I for one as of right now am refusing to purchase anything from Discovery or go in their stores – I have a low tolerance for hypocrisy and money for money’s sake.

    Paul Burke
    Author-Journey Home

  • Chastity

    Get this garbage cancelled before it even has a chance of succeeding! I’ll be sure not to call attention to her show by not mentioning it to loved ones and acquaintances. It seems that there are few of us who know so I don’t think it’s going to be widespread news.

  • moremutts

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised or why we should expect them to put on programming that appeals to us. This is a business and their goal is to make money. I suspect the higher-ups are not environmentalists or animal rights people but regular corporate folks. By putting on this show, they are also appealing to a different audience. They already have shows where people save animals and where people catch king crabs. I don’t like it but it is what it is…

    • http://none Kel

      Yeah. Heaven forbid them showing us destroying the planet by eating the King crab! We shouldn’t eat King crab only other ocean inhabitants should. What will they do next show people risking their lives picking apples from really high trees!?

  • Aymee

    I think this woman seriously has multiple personalities. I remember the vice presidential debates when she talked about how she fought to keep drilling out of her state and 20 minutes later made the “drill drill drill” comment. Plus, she wanted her daughter to marry the baby’s dad but now her and her daughter are trying to prevent him from seeing his own child because he stood up and decided a baby was a stupid reason to get married. She has problems and this show has got to be more of a tourism show than an environmental one. If we are lucky maybe some animal will kill her like what happened to Steve Irwin. Maybe and Orca will come up and rip her right off the boat. We can only hope right?

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  • Carol

    What kid of people are you that you hate so much. I have no problem with you disagreeing with another person. To feel she should not be allowed to do anything is wrong Her daughter was not much different than many other teenagers in the USA. She didn’t marry the baby’s daddy. You feel that because you don’t like or agree with her you don’t want her to do this series. What has happen to the country. It looks like her skin is a lot thicker than Obama’s. The tactics are Alinsky. Why are the democrats so afraid of her. Why don’t you look into the truth.The lame-stream media was for the president’s.They showed that they did not care about the truth. Remember how Obama said Ayers (the terrorist)children went to school with his children well unless they were Obama’s daughters teachers that is not possible because Ayers kids were adults at the time.There are many more like that.s so afraid of Sarah Palin. People act hateful when they are afraid. I think she will do a very good show because she loves Alaska and she is real. If you don’t like her don’t watch. It will be your loss. I can’t wait to see it.

    • skinner city cyclist

      Wow, Carol, you managed to hit every manufactured slur and talking point from the right wing nut-o-sphere in your one little post. Way to think for yourself!