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We’ve been getting brief appearances by Joaquin Phoenix since his return from exile as a caveman rapper — and we’re happy to once more see him championing animal rights for PETA.

The actor is backing a new campaign urging stars against wearing exotic animal skins. He says, “Exotic animals are mostly unknown to us, and so is what they suffer before being turned into belts and bags. Every year millions of reptiles are slaughtered so handbags, belts and shoes can be made from their skin. The animals’ welfare is not a consideration to those who hunt, skin and farm them.”

A PETA rep told US Weekly that the video will be sent to stars including Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker in a bid to change their fashion habits. Check it out below!

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  • georgina0912

    Oh-no…i love Joaquin Phoenix and his PSAs, but i cannot watch this one. I can’t stand watching animals suffer. I know i am supposed to keep myself informed about what is going on in the animal kingdom, it is my vitamin, it keeps me going, it renews my vow to never, ever again make animals suffer with my choices in food, fashion, make-up, or household cleaners, but i could not continue watching this.

    Agree or not with me, this is my personal opinion.

    We are all God’s creatures, and what we do to animals we do to ourselves. We all feel the same feelings, cold, warmth, and terrible fear to death. When will humans understand that we are all bonded by those things? When will humans put themselves in the “shoes” of the animals we skin, behead, shoot, kick, burn, eat and understand that we can feel things the way they do?

    It disgusts me that we can be so vile and disrespectful of non-human creatures. Makes me so sad. If i could ever have one wish, that would be that at the snap of my fingers all violence towards the innocent and the voiceless (human and animal) would stop, just like that, STOP, and then people would open their eyes to the barbaric acts they do to them, feel ashamed of themselves, and not do it anymore. If i only had one wish.