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Greenwashing: “A false or misleading picture of environmental friendliness used to conceal or obscure damaging activities.” In other words, what you’re about to see.

The bottled water industry is shaking in their highly unsustainable boots as more people around the world become aware of the hefty environmental cost associated with their product.

In a rather desperate attempt to combat this growing societal disenchantment, the Bottled Water Association has produced an “informative” video — complete with acoustic guitar strums, beautiful landscape images and a fake news reporter.

The video claims that bottled water manufacturers are “good stewards of the environment”, but that isn’t entirely (or even slightly) true. reports that plastics make up at least 11 percent (by weight) of municipal solid waste in landfills and that 60 percent of “pure spring water” is actually from untested waters.

Wanna see the video for yourself? We’ve posted it below. But be warned: your eyes are about to do some serious rolling over this one.

  • Sonia

    Watched about 30 seconds…I think that’s enough for me. Never understood the appeal of bottled water. Ooh it’s from Fiji. Ooh it’s $4 a bottle. Please!

  • herwin

    goddam these cocksuckers (can i say that on Ecorazzi?) and apart from the plastic dont forget or underestimate the enormous carbon footprint bottled water has. In normal english, it takes lots of transport and fuel to bring all these bottles to the shop. water from the tap doesnt have that problem.