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Photo: Actress Hayden Panettiere And Whaleman Foundation Head Jeff Pantukhoff Take The Save The Whales Again! On Tour In Japan.(PRNewsFoto/Save the Whales Again!)

hayden panettiere

Hayden Panettiere has returned to Japan.

The actress/activist, who once had a Japanese arrest warrant with her name on it, is back in Taiji; made famous in The Cove as the location of the infamous dolphin-killing town.

Earlier today, Panettiere was refused a meeting with the town’s mayor and representative from the local fisheries union. Hey, you have to admire her determination.

“We are trying to peacefully come up wi th better ideas as to how to generate income and utilise the nature here,” a disappointed Panettiere told the AP. “We’ve been to Taiji before and it’s a beautiful place with beautiful wildlife. We just wanted to have a very peaceful and relaxed conversation (with officials).”

The actress plans on attending a rally tomorrow in Osaka to further draw attention to the slaughter and demand an end to its practice. She’s there on behalf of the Save the Whales Again! Campaign.

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  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    For goodness sakes, will these low-lifes ever grow up?

    Go home, bimbo celebrity.

    Go sprout your survival-of-the-cutest nonsense to someone who cares.

    • georgina0912

      Oh Kimitake, Kimitake, Kimitake…Kimitake. If i was a celebrity i would too be using that as a way of getting people’s attention to the cruelty that goes on around the world with animals. WE, HUMANS are the arrogant ones who think we can put out hands on pretty much any non-human species and make it part of our food chain. So…disappointing.

      But not surprised to see you here badmouthing Hayden for doing what she thinks is the right thing to do for animals!

      Perhaps if you were a celebrity, you could be out there doing free PR for whale eaters and whale killers.

    • Daws

      Wow, what an extremely immature comment. Hayden is passionate about this issue and is out there fighting for what she believes in. Nothing about that makes her a bimbo or a low life. Seriously, get a grip.

    • nadine

      you all are wrong, hayden is doing her best and if you are calling someone esles commet immature look at your own because when you find faults in others you find faults in yourself

  • Thomas Maclaine

    I think that Hayden has got the right idea, whats going on is wrong and needs to stop.
    I’m happy to donate anything i can throught the cove website, which im doing as i type, and i think that the people insulting her for using her own integrity to get the truth out there are no better than the people buthcering the innocent creatures.

    Keep going Hayden, im behind you 1million %!!

  • Cheryl

    While I agree completely that expecting a warm welcome after her last visit is unrealistic and immature, to consider it drumming up sales for The Cove is over the top. The people that made this documentary care deeply for these animals and the oceans – our animals and our ocean. To insinuate that it is all about money is extremely cynical and this is written by a highly cycnical person!

    These people put their life and liberty on the line to try to protect these animals and get the word out about what is happening. I feel sorry for people who are so jaded that they can’t believe people do this for the love of animals, the planet and so, even for you, Mr. Cynical.

  • The Infidel

    Also, why is there no mention of the fact that she was breathing all the time? I realize she needs to breathe, but couldn’t that air have gone to endangered animals instead?

    People who breathe are hypocrites!

  • Daws

    I really hate when people say stuff like this. As if it’s an all or nothing thing.

  • help animals

    So Hayden isn’t perfect, but she is still doing some valuable work to help dolphins and I think that should be applauded.

    I don’t think that in-fighting amongst animal rights folk helps anyone. We need to stick together and do what we can to help all species.

    As Hayden gets older she will probably become more aware of other animal rights issues. She is only 20 years old.