by Daelyn Fortney
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Photo: Earth Hour Global

earth hour 2010

On March 27 at 8:30 p.m. local time, 4000 cities in 125 countries voluntarily dimmed the lights demonstrating the ultimate show of global unity in the fight against climate change. Individuals, businesses, and governments came together to support WWF’s fourth year of encouraging an hour of lights-out and sending a powerful message that shined bright to everyone throughout the world.

“The largest ever number of countries, people, and landmarks joined forces for Earth Hour this year. It was a visible demonstration of the enormous level of support there is around the world, for a united effort to tackle climate change,” said David Nussbaum, CEO of WWF-UK.

Hopefully someday the people of the world can translate the efforts of Earth Hour into year round solidarity.

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  • Becca Johnson

    I hope EVERYONE did this! It’s a fun family tradition to start!

  • Travis

    My family and many others we know did the opposite we turned on our lights and more some in other communities rented lights and brought more light to the skies standing for energy and our accomplishment of moving our society out of the non electrical impoverishment (Poverty) of the 1.5 billion people who suffer without electricity. Since Earth Hour is pushed by The world Wild Life Fund a group who has contributed to false reports to the UN IPCC (now in scandal over climate science), I found my self much more sympathetic to protest Earth hour.

    Because of our cheap energy we have good hospitals, large food distribution, We can be more productive, we live longer, can do more work and education, we can travel learn, develop better technology we can help those who are poor get out of poverty.

    I can see protests like this growing more and more as people are becoming aware of how much the environmental movement has mislead us with unfounded fear about CO2 and future climate disasters which have now been discovered to be based on activism and not good solid science.

    I like many others want to see these 1.5 billion people develop there cheap natural fossil fuel resources so that they are not dieing burning animal crap and pollutant rich wood in their homes causing early and unnecessary respiratory deaths and creating real pollution not CO2.

    WWF, Green Peace the IPCC (UN) and others try to dissuade the 3rd world from developing cheap power based on theories and promote expensive and unreliable forms of energy like wind and solar which is expensive in North America so one wonders how poor people in the billions will afford it? And since it is unreliable and unable to support heavy draw industries like steel plant and others this energy won’t lead to good jobs and development. The UN and others don’t even want them to have roads and mass transit.

    Sorry for the long explanation but I wanted you all to know why I changed sides I saw past the propaganda did research and see billions of poor exploited people kept down by unfounded bad theories cloaked in a green cloak of righteousness.

    People in the 3rd world would kill for what we have Appliances, power, cars, jobs, industry they don’t like sitting in the dark they want light so I and my family will continue to stand up against Earth Hour and what it really stands for scientific fraud and poverty.

    Our children will learn polluting water and air is wrong and to do their part to be responsible for creation but they won’t be taught to worship it or that CO2 is bad or that oil is evil. They will be taught that good intentioned people are sometimes mislead to stand for things that on the surface look good but when the curtain is pulled back are themselves bad, and create mistrusts and anger.

    I am green no more when it comes to CO2 or climate change Earth Hour for me and mine will celebrate all we have been blessed with lights blazing not to waste but to protest the oppression of those in the 3rd world by the environmental activism and fraud in the realm of science dressed in a dirty green cloak.

    • steph

      It is official today : June 2010 has been the warmer month since they started collecting temperatures in the 19th century.

      I guess it is still propaganda to you…

  • Molly

    Even though I turned out our lights and encouraged everyone I know to do the same, I can understand not doing it but to purposely turn on all your lights and consume even more energy than usual leaves me speechless. Whatever your feelings are about global warming and enviromental causes, electricity does cause pollution and to blatantly wasting it is a slap in the face to the third world people who don’t have it.