by Daelyn Fortney
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A tragic beginning to the Year Of The Tiger, as a secret trade in tiger bone wine at the Northeast China Tiger Park was confirmed today. Park officials sold the tiger bone wine, used as a tonic to boost virility and strengthen bones, for 780 yuan (US$114) for every 500 grams. According to a park staff member, the 780 yuan is quite the steal as the good stuff will fetch 2,800 yuan per bottle and contains a piece of genuine tiger bone.

This news comes off the heels of reports of the starvation deaths of 13 Siberian tigers at Shenyang Forest Wild Animals Zoo in Northeast China between December and February. Additional reports indicate that the dead animals may have been used to produce the tiger bone liquor.

In 1993 China banned all trade in tiger bones and parts but recent investigations have found an increase in the illegal sale of products claiming to contain tiger parts.

Roughly 20 Siberian tigers are believed to be left in the wild. The South China tiger is said to be extinct.


  • Robert Evans

    I saw this report on BBC yesterday. Such a tragic fate for these wonderful animals. They said that the park authorities are using a loophole in the law to kill the tigers. Apparently the law does not consider starvation by natural causes as “killing’ the tigers per se. The thing is, they are DELIBERATELY letting the tigers to starve…

  • Spencer Goldade

    This is outrageous. My favorite animal will likely be extinct in my own lifetime. And, why? Because one of the largest populations on the planet still believes in mysticism and crazy things. Sharks, Tigers, Bears, no species are safe from the Chinese.

    Did you know shark fin doesn’t even have a taste? The soup is flavored using pork and beef. And it doesn’t cure cancer. Tiger bones? Nope, they aren’t magical either.

    Any person consuming an endangered species just solidifies them as one of the worst human beings on the planet.

    • Mel

      Honestly? 100% agreed. Worst human beings on the planet is not even an understatement. I’m fed up of people thinking they OWN the planet and can do whatever they wish with it’s resources. This will seriously bite us in the butt later on.

  • herwin

    the number of 20 isnt correct, its more between 300~400 siberian tigers remaining in the wild.
    of course, this number is ridiciously and sadly very low.
    and its very sad that any country thinking about itself as a modern country , like em, china and japan, doesnt protect endangered animals but just gobbles them up.

    • Mick

      It’s odd how, no matter the subject, someone always manages to find a way to criticize Japan.

  • Daelyn Fortney

    Thanks, I should have clarified:
    20 Siberian tigers in the wild – – in China.


  • Whoever…

    I really don’t know what’s so surprising about this…

    I mean, come on, they eat all types of animals including cats and dogs… oh yeah and also human fetuses! Yes you read it well – this was confirmed to me by someone whose family member was invited to a place in china where they actually eat human fetuses. Needless to say that person refused to ever go back to that country.

    chinese are the most degenerated people on earth. Our planet would be better off if they were wiped off the face of the planet.

    Oooohhh, that is such a racist comment isn’t it? Well I actually hate them not because they’re chinese but because of what they do to animals and to the environment in general.

    Okay, go ahead and trash me if you like… as if I care! I’m actually more worried about the fate of the tigers who were killed so that some impotent chinese asshole could get it up!!!

    • Linda Sullivan

      Did it ever occur to you that not all Chinese eat tigers? And “what they do to animals,” seriously? Are these animals really any different from the cows and pigs you eat or other people eat here in America? If you can see the horrendous cruelty they do to livestock animals, you’ll eat your words.

      • Whoever…

        I’m vegan, therefore what you wrote means absolutely nothing to me and yes, (un)fortunately I am perfectly aware of the cruelty perpetrated by humans on animals worldwide (not only in the USA, from where I’m not).
        Also, as I volunteer at my local animal shelter, which has nearly 600 animals, I get to witness first hand what many animals suffer at the hands of some humans!

        And yes, obviously I’m also perfectly aware that not all chinese are monsters – for instance I have the utmost respect for veg*an Chinese people. But I still hate chinese scum in general.
        I generalized it as I generalize that humans are the cruelest, most evil, arrogant and destructive species on earth… and I don’t like them!