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In an interesting turn of events Social Entrepreneur Mike Mann, a longtime vegetarian, has accepted PETA’s request for the donation of the domain as long as the IRS agrees to recognize the $50 million,’s estimated value, as a tax deductible donation.

Mann is known for his charitable projects like, which offers free web services to non-profit organizations.

Before animal rights advocates and veggie-burger lovers everywhere start celebrating, it is important to note that even if, and that’s a big if, the IRS agrees to recognize the $50 million, Mann does not own the domain name or the company that owns He has sunk a lot of cash into the company—$5 million loan to ESCOM, the owner of, and an addition $1 million investment—but those figures alone do not translate into the ability to transfer the domain to PETA. It is expected that the additional investors and creditors involved with may take issue with the donation.

A very confusing situation continues to generate head scratching. To summarize: DOM Partners, a creditor and investor in ESCOM, set an auction for to begin on March 18. Mann filed an involuntary bankruptcy motion to halt the auction of The auction was postponed indefinitely. DOM Partners answered with a motion to dismiss the bankruptcy petition alleging that Mann operates ESCOM and has not been able to pay $4,313,276.16, which is DOM’s outstanding secure debt. Now Mann has offered the domain to PETA with the IRS condition attached.

Only time will tell what will become of

  • Nuru

    I understand the value of this domain, but what would PETA do with it? Use it to spread the word to people who come to the site looking for something explicit? Or maybe they will sell – if they can find a buyer at that price.