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independence day

Word on the net is that Will Smith is returning to film two back-to-back Independence Day sequels. The follow-ups to the popular (and fun) 1996 blockbuster would most likely involve the aliens whose asses were kicked in the first coming back to Earth looking for revenge.

If you remember, the first ID4 actually had a bit of an environmental message; albeit campy. In one scene, Jeff Goldblum stumbles around drunk, breaking bottles, tipping over garbage cans, and yelling about environmental stewardship and that we don’t deserve the planet; or something like that. This is a reaction to a previous scene where Goldblum and Co. discover that the alien species travels from planet to planet, destroying all life and harvesting a planet’s natural resources before moving on to the next planet.

I won’t say I didn’t shed a tear when Bill Pullman’s wife died. Damn you Roland Emmerich with your heart-wrenching music and sad little girl crying!

Anyways, if the rumors hold, looks for ID4 to release as soon as 2011 — and for Will Smith to make a mothership load of cash in the process.

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  • Dartfin

    He did not yell about environmental stewardship. When asked what he was doing he drunkenly replied
    “I’m makin’ a mess!…We need to burn the rain forest, dump toxic waste, pollute the air and rip up the ozone. ‘Cause maybe if we screw this planet up enough, they won’t want it anymore!”
    He’s advocating doing the exact opposite of saving the planet. But then again he was drunk. Though I suppose he was being sarcastic since we had just dropped a nuke on TX. The very thing he had advocated against on Air Force 1.