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martha stewartWere you among the many who secretly relished the perennial pinkie in the air hostess with the mostest adding the title of jailbird to her long list of impossibly perfect accomplishments? Shame, shame…it’s not nice to root for the imminent toppling of our cultural icons;)  Still, it’s hardly surprising that Martha Stewart — the original doyenne of DIY domesticity and green living — has managed to bounce back from her potentially ego-crippling public debacle stronger and more in demand than ever. She’s proven repeatedly that determination courses through her veins. Here we are in 2010 and she’s presently in the midst of hashing out a potential deal with Hallmark’s parent company to create a 24-7 Martha Stewart-esque gardening, cooking, decorating and fashion lifestyle network…and how much do you want to bet that she’s going to dominate that endeavor, too?

Ms. Stewart has been imparting juicy pearls of eco-wisdom to an ever-attentive audience for the better part of 28 years, well before there was even a definitive term for it. From her initial launch into cookbook territory with the groundbreaking hardcover guide Entertaining to her expansion into the magazine industry as the editor in chief of Martha Stewart Living, the former model and New York City stockbroker has long been the master of her domain, inspiring people the world over to embrace the fine art of handmade, organic, natural, artisan everything. Making a natural transition into television in 1993, she reigns as the lean mean queen of the green scene with an extensive Oprah-like media empire that reaches all conceivable markets, including food, house wares, wine, craft supplies and home improvement supplies and furnishings.

Those who tune into cable’s Hallmark channel already know that they can catch seven hours of Martha-branded programming on a daily basis (including daily 10:00 a.m. reruns of her NBC Martha Stewart Show), but if you crave even more of Stewart’s unique brand of homey green goodness, you can also check out her hour long green living special, purchase her new EPA-endorsed Clean household products or consult her website’s database for countless green lifestyle advice tips and articles galore. Lest we all forget, if we didn’t have this prim and proper pop culture personality teaching us as far back as 1993 how to most effectively scrub our homes using nothing more than baking soda and vinegar, we’d all still be poisoning ourselves and the planet with conventional chemicals. Whaaa? If this is a new concept to you, here’s a quick refresher course!

Via the Los Angeles Times

  • herwin

    Martha Stewart is defenitely very cool by going anti fur couple of years ago , but i wouldnt go as far as calling her a green icon, that takes a lot more than “scrubbing your house with soda and vinigar”. i just did take a glance in her magazine a few weeks ago and she defenitely should cut back on the meat or at least give some more veg options.