by Michael dEstries
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Though the two seemed buddy-buddy during a recent joint address at a Brazil climate change conference, it appears that such pleasantries haven’t extended to the online world. Al Gore may have over 2 million followers on Twitter, but he’s only following 9 people. And it appears that Cameron still ain’t one of them.

It’s worth noting that today is April 1st.

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  • bunyan 10


    FACT IS –having made BILLIONS upon BILLIONS these past decades
    outsourcing cheap labor, and unflinchingly catering to the
    franchise-slum denial needs of history’s –MOST– awesomely
    genocidal regime –ACROSS the Pacific –Cameron’s continuing
    to hide from the looming, indeed, gargantuan moral implications
    behind stale, selective, Boomer era PC ‘consciousness’ —like
    the rest of Hollywood.

    MEANWHILE, isn’t anyone else noticing that the 60th Anniversary
    of the epically relevant, STILL unfolding —KOREAN WAR is, once
    again, being ‘mysteriously overlooked’?