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PETA Partners With French Scientists To Create Cuter, Less Scary Rat

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peta rat

In an interesting reversal of opinion on the genetic engineering of animals, PETA today announced the results of an effort to create a more appealing breed of rat. The animal rights organization has been working with French scientists at the National Institute of Agronomic research (the same guys who developed a glow-in-the-dark rabbit), for the better part of a year on the project. The new breed of rat features a fluffy bunny-like tail; replacing the old, unappealing long pink tail.

“People are almost certain to be kinder to a tiny mammal with a powder-puff tail,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. “Not only would this pay off in cities that kill these animals with gut-wrenching poisons, it would also make it harder for lab assistants to force-feed toxic chemicals to them or for homeowners to watch them struggle in cruel glue traps.”

The hope is that once a viable population of rats with the dominant “fluffy tail” gene are created, they can be released to breed with rats in places like New York City, Los Angeles, and other major cities.

What do you think of PETA’s new rat? Are they on to something by creating cute versions of animals that we might not otherwise find attractive; and therefore, care less about? Or did they just blow your mind with the point of all this?

via PETA (Grin)

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  • Orb

    PETA suck. plain and simple. How can they say they are for the ethical treatment of animals, and then try to change an animal because they don’t like it’s looks? Stupid tools… a rat is a rat, because it’s a rat. That’s why we like them. Their tails are awesome, and they are terribly cute already. If you make a rat that looks like the picture above, you may as well get a hamster, and as we all know, hamsters are only good for standing on, or feeding to rats.

  • Orb

    Why use animals in human product testing?.. For best results, use convicts in prison. They suck up tax payer money, and do nothing. So use them for testing.

  • Magpie

    As for why testing on people on death row is not viable: A) I’m willing to best most individuals with the death penalty fall into a specific demographic, which would not offer a sample size large or diverse enough for total accuracy. B) Because according to medical law you are required to have the written consent of any human being you choose to utilize in testing. C), because the reason we have so many people on death row is not that there are just that many horrible, useless, and dangerous people in the world… Most of these people extend their lives for decades or get commuted to life in prison because of the number of appeals death row convicts are allowed to make. It’s an expensive and scientifically unsound proposal. Most people on death row are black or white males. What about all the conditions that hit women disproportionately? There are currently exactly 4 women on death row in the state of New York, for example.

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