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Photo: Original photo: Volitan concept

sea shepherd

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society today released a statement and concept art promoting the next high-tech edition to their fleet to be sunk during the 2010-2011 campaign against whalers in the Southern Ocean.

“If you thought the Ady Gil was a sleek, futuristic weapon in the war against whaling,” said Captain Paul Watson referring to the doomed vessel sunk earlier this year, “just wait until you see the Pauly Shore get sliced in two by a Japanese whaling ship. I mean, seriously, this thing has f**king solar-powered wings.”

The Sea Shepherd acquired the funds for the new vessel thanks to a sizable donation from actor Pauly Shore, who saw the sinking of the Ady Gil and consequent press it brought its benefactor. “If someone like Ady Gil can be plucked from obscurity by such an event and thrust into the spotlight, I figure the sinking of this awesome ship will do wonders for my own career,” said Shore in the release.

While plans over how the Sea Shepherd will sink the Shore have yet to be revealed, Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research have already dropped hints that they’re more than happy to assist. “To work in partnership with Japan on this event will give us the greatest shot at worldwide publicity,” Watson said. “We’re happy for once to be moving towards a common goal of sinking our next super-awesome boat.”

It’s worth noting that today is April 1st.

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  • Sagebrush

    Happy April Fool’s…

  • Dave Head

    Even if its 1st April -thats a great looking design- some clever bugas a round. Does it have torpedo tubes??? [purely for defensive purposes].

  • Michael d'Estries


    Here are more details on the “original” design with photos. It’s a pretty cool ship.

  • don miguelo

    Captain Paul Watson is now deemed Fleet Admiral Watson! Stick that in yer craw!

  • Beverley Bailey

    I fail to see why the sinking of the Earthrace/Ady Gil should be such a laughing matter. Notwithstanding the fate of the boat herself and the risk to life of her crew, 1st April 2010 is the day that the Japanese courts decided (in their finite wisdom) to officially charge and set a court date for Pete Bethune, skipper of Earthrace/Ady Gil.

    I suppose it is good to know that some eco-friendlies do purport to have a sense of humour – something which has been recognised as being lacking in the past. I just think this particular episode is not one that should be used as the butt of jokes and is in rather poor taste.

    Please don’t bother to lambast me…like whoever started the joke, this response is simply my own point of view.

    • don miguelo

      True, true. This sense of humor is similar to “The Onion”, which is not everyboduy’s taste.

    • Maynard

      Beverly, lighten up. Anybody who is involved with that joke, Paul Watson deserves to be lampooned anyway. The Ady Gill’s Captain is nearly as incompetent as Paul Watson and proved it by getting arrested by the whale killers. The Sea Shepherds are a joke.

  • bbbieker

    Beverly, Beverly, Beverly…. Lighten up! I think the best thing for it would be to have it sectioned off and put together like a train. That way, when the Sea Shepherds do manage to ram it into the side of another whaling ship, and it gets severed into pieces, they can just put them back together! Just a thought! That, and the name should be changed to the Gary Coleman. At least Pauly had some movie deals – not blockbusters, but certainly more than Gary Coleman. Gary could use the PR.

  • Pete

    Very funny. Like all good April Fool’s jokes, it has to contain an element of truth and believability to draw you into the gag. That element of truth in this case is the fact that Sea Shepherd would indeed consider another ridiculously inappropriate boat like this to replace Ady Gil. The headline of the article also contains the believable element of the predetermined fate of such boats to be sunk. Boats such as this hypothetical Pauly Shore and the very real Ady Gil, have no place in the ship ramming anti-whaling campaigns of Sea Shepherd; unless of course your objective is to take a sacrificial boat to the Southern Ocean and hope to create an incident to draw attention to your cause. I guess Ecorazzi nailed this one!

  • Stroker Ace

    They forgot the part about the outside skin being a little rough so that when it ends up on the bottom like the Ady Gil, the barnacles and other creatures can stick to it easily!

    Even if a tire goes flat on it’s trailer on the way to the water, Paul Watson can say it was the Goodyear Tire Mafia that was the cause! LOL!

  • Leonard Greene

    Funny how it looks remarkably like an W-wing fighter.

    • Leonard Greene

      Hit the wrong button, X-wing is what I was going for folks.

  • TitaniumTotem

    I don’t know, you might have had it right the first time.

    The two floating halves of an “X” might look like a “W” before they sink.

  • sea shepherd supporter

    IF Sea Shepherd does get this I hope it’s a fund raising vessel to travel around the world spreading the word about Sea Shepherd…

    What Sea Shepherd need for the whalers, is the mothballed USS Iowa battleship (already fitted with a helicopter pad, all it needs is a hanger)

  • Me

    That boat wouldn’t last 1 min If a hardened radar on the ady Gil can’t last a bit of rough sea what will happen to those solar panels in a bit of wind?

  • thestingisthetruth

    except most of the sea shepherd boats (the incompetent clowns that they are) have been sunk by the sea shepherds… Ady Gil has figured it out, and is suing them for 5 million dollars for intentionally sinking the boat he loaned them.