by Daelyn Fortney
Categories: Gallery.
Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons

worlds oldest living things

In the spirit of Rachel Sussman, an artist on a mission to photograph the oldest living things in the world, we have compiled our own gallery of trees, bushes, and coral that have stood the test of time.

From a 2000 year old gymnosperm plant in the Namib Desert to a clonal colony of Quaking Aspens that spans 80 millenniums, our very existence as humans, with a world-average lifespan of 66.12 years, is put into perspective.

And there’s more out there to be discovered! Please take a moment to consider giving to Ms. Sussman’s campaign to journey around the world, photographing living things older than 2,000 years!

Click here to check out the gallery!

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  • Angela

    Wonderful and truly inspiring pictures.
    What is man compared to these living plants? How can we be so stupid destroying nature?

  • Christian

    Vivement la sortie du film pour certainnes personnes voient les
    erreures du passé et les corriges au plus vite.
    Hâtte d’ètre fin 2011 pour apprécier cette nouvelles série.
    Amicalement vôtre.