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paul mccartneyIt’s hard to believe that veteran rock legend Sir Paul McCartney is 67 years of age, and despite slight signs of facial weathering, he is spry, culturally relevant and as outspoken about his beliefs as ever. With a challenging marriage to Heather Mills behind him, he is now doing what he does best – making sweet music via his “Up and Coming Tour” which just blew through America to rollicking great reviews and is now making a brief pit stop in Puerto Rico before forging onto several dates in his stomping grounds within the United Kingdom.

As media outlets continue to spread awareness about the touring excesses and mammoth carbon footprints of huge global rock productions — and bands continue to make public eco-amends for what is deemed a necessary evil to support their livelihoods – it perhaps comes as no surprise that perennial eco-sympathizer and animal rights activist McCartney has declared his 2010 tour a 100% meat-free zone. Embracing vegetarianism since the seventies, the brainchild behind Meat Free Mondays is serving 480 daily meals for his musicians and crew without one scrap of animal protein in sight.

The former Beatle believes as many scientists now do that slowing climate change by making dietary modifications will help to offset the long shadow generated by livestock production. In addition to banning meat from his current tour, he also rented a five star $7,000 mobile gourmet kitchen unit kitchen (while a permanent version is being constructed) to ensure that everyone is fed veggie laden options that pass his culinary veggie-licious muster. Perhaps some or all the following famous vegetarian musicians in the video below will be inspired to follow his lead!

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10 Responses to 100% Veggie Tour Is Music To Paul McCartney’s Ears

  1. Funny… most people do mention his “facial weathering” – whether it be my parents, friends etc.. But he is a ROCK star in his late 60′s! And FROM the 60′s no less! Considering he watched his wife of many years, the love of his life, DIE of cancer and then had a second cancer (that wretched mess of a human being Heather Mills) I think he’s weathered QUITE nicely.

    He was also in the top 3 live concerts i’ve ever seen (out of thousands) on Linda McCartney’s birthday in 2002. (my birthday just a few days after) Amazing man, person humanitarian, vegetarian and one kind talented soul.


  2. georgina0912 says:

    480 daily meat-free meals, that is absolutely awesome!

    Also, i saw the video….wasn’t Sting quoted just recently saying that he is back to eating the meat from the animals he has in his farm in Italy? Maybe i am remembering wrong because i cannot find anything on the internet that say that.

  3. Whoever... says:

    Wow!! :)

    I just watched the video and it really made my day… Thanks Elizah :)

    I had no idea there were ‘so many’ vegetarian musicians out there.
    Some I already knew they were vegetarians, but there are others who were quite a nice surprise :)

    This almost ‘erased’ the hatred I felt when I read the post “‘The Saddest ‘Monster’ Photo You’re Likely To See All Year’”…

    • Elizah Leigh says:

      My pleasure…I was also pleasantly surprised to learn about so many light carbon footprinted musicians, too. So many of them are Brits, which I think is reflective of the general cultural awareness there of how people play into the whole global warming scheme of things. It’s so simple to modify our diets…takes so little effort and yet the rewards are many.

      Totally agree about that poor little hairless critter. Why can’t we just respect creatures we don’t understand rather than poking and prodding them (or worse)?

      • Whoever... says:

        Humans don’t respect other creatures because (in general) we are nothing but arrogant, ignorant, cruel, ‘zombified’ fools…


  4. JayP says:

    I have always wondered this and this time I’m going to ask.

    When I watch a YouTube video that ecorazzi has linked to a article…. does it count as a ‘view’ on the YouTube site????

    Thank you

  5. Fran says:

    I remember recently when all the news about Michael Jackson was out that he was not eating vegetarian and neither were his kids.
    Maybe way back he was.

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  7. Anne says:

    Don’t understand why this is news. Paul’s tours, since 1989, have been catered vegetarian for the crew. The news is over two decades late.

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