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Pamela Anderson Gets Animal-Friendly On Dancing With The Stars

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pamela anderson, dancing with the starsTonight’s week 3 performance episode of ABC’s 10th season of Dancing WithThe Stars should prove to be particularly spicy when Pamela Anderson hits the stage, and not merely due to the blonde bombshell’s good looks, magnetic stage presence and oozing sex appeal. As she hinted via her Twitter account: “I’m dancing my heart out tonight. This dance has a lot of meaning for me. I think all my relationships with men are in this one. Empowerment!” The dance in question — which she’ll perform with her affable and clearly good-natured dance partner Damian Whitewood — will be a pasodoble routine, which is a Spanish-inspired double-step emulating the spectacle of a typical bullfight.

For those who are unfamiliar with Anderson’s background beyond her television and modeling career, this is the first time that the actress has pursued dancing in any type of formal capacity. As her funny, unpredictable and always game performances have proven so far, she is fully capable of cutting the rug with the best of them, but to help gain a little edge in this evening’s showcase, she wisely asked Spanish-born bodacious beauty Charo to give her some pointers. In addition to sharing obvious physical attributes, the two ladies share an affinity toward animal rights issues, particularly with regard to their disdain toward bullfighting, which happens to be a cultural institution in Portugal, Spain, some Latin American countries and even in several southern France cities. It’s interesting to note that the practice has been outlawed in multiple regions due to its blood sport origins and fittingly, Charo helped Anderson title this evening’s dance: “Dance, Don’t Bullfight.”

“She adores her native music but is opposed to bullfighting,” PETA’s Dave Mathews explained to US Weekly.

The two, who think of themselves as soul sisters, also happen to be devoted mothers. Regarding her parental responsibilities to her two sons and her Dancing With The Stars commitment, Anderson says: “I drop my kids off at school, I go straight to rehearsal and then I pick them up right after rehearsal. So, juggling everything has been, you know, it’s been a challenge, but you always put your kids first and then everything else falls into place.” We can’t wait to see how Charo’s tutelage plays out – how can it NOT put Pammy in precisely the right form to knock the socks off of viewers?!!

Via Us Magazine

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