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dark life novel, movieAttention aspiring novelists! Now might be a good time to begin dabbling in a little eco-inspired, tween-friendly wordsmithing if the recent Disney acquisition of Kat Falls’ soon-to-be-released debut novel Dark Life is any indication of a healthy trend percolating. The majority of writers tend to be dubbed “starving” with good reason, and yet Ms. Falls has defied the odds by garnering a film adaptation of her young adult themed story by the mega film conglomerate, with Robert Zemeckis slated to direct it, before it’s even hit the stores.

Revolving around a fantastical world in the foreseeable future where climate change has resulted in ocean floor homesteading and the development of curious supernatural abilities among select younger residents, it reflects the type of ‘God I hope this never happens…but maybe it could’ storyline that instantly grips audiences regardless of their age or stance on global warming. The author, also a graduate screenwriting professor at Northwestern University, says that Dark Life focuses on “a 16-year-old boy, who when outlaws attack his family’s ocean floor homestead, offers to help a girl from above sea level in a dangerous aquatic search for her missing brother.”

The Hollywood entertainment bible Variety says that this will probably be the first of many family-friendly film installments (on the order of Harry Potter, The Spiderwick Chronicles and Twilight) that receive the royal franchise/hyper-marketing treatment and will likely employ a live-action style rather than the performance-capture technique that Zemeckis masterfully displayed in Beowulf and Polar Express. Considering the wild success of Avatar, green themes on the big screen are where it’s at. Someone hand me a pen!

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2 Responses to “Dark Life” Eco-Tween Novel Coming To The Big Screen

  1. Remy C. says:

    I think we should start designing less movies, less video games, and design more real environments and green cities where live human beings can live in… That film with Bruce Willis, Surrogates, missed out that at the rate we’re going, we’re amusing ourselves to death. Billions to produce motion pictures, which in turn generate billions to produce more… sure it’s putting a lot of people to work, but the sets are green screen and CGI… soon to be a fantasy 3D world. The new trend to make entertainment out of something like Greensburg is a positive one. Why hasn’t Burning Man been turned into a film yet? A city goes up once a year, for a week, then vanishes, like a psychedelic camping ground. Why can’t such intentional communities spring up and remain? That was the dream held by Arco Santi, but possibly Paolo Soleri’s quirky rule kept it from blooming. We need to apply our visionary architecture, not just lay it down on paper. And we do, but maybe not enough. How many projects described in Metropolis magazine actually materialize? As long as so much money goes to building secret military bases to protect an elite from a war that will never come, all our resources are wasted.

    • I applaud the trend to inspire teens to become wise stewards of our natural resources or suffer dire consequences. With this in mind I am writing a series of Eco mystery adventures to inspire and empower kids to become environmental activists. I am looking forward to reviewing this movie as soon as I see it in a local theater!

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