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A creature dubbed as the “Oriental Yeti” has been captured in remote China by hunters — after locals spotted what they thought was a bear. According to the Telegraph, one of the hunters exclaimed that there are local legends of a bear that used to be a man, and this is what they believe it is.


It gets worse. Check out this depressing quote.

“It also does not sound like a bear – it has a voice more like a cat and it is calling all the time – perhaps it is looking for the rest of its kind or maybe it’s the last one?”

As you might expect, there’s not much of a happy ending in store for this obviously frightened creature. Locals say it will be shipped off to Beijing for DNA tests — and then who knows what.

Telegraph via Gawker

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  • georgina0912

    The ignorance.

    Obviously the “creature” lost its hair because of mange, and if is calling all the time must be because it is in terrible discomfort.

    OY – i would love for him to be seen by Dr. Mike of Best Friends, but i doubt the little one will have a happy ending.

  • Whoever…

    When I thought I couldn’t hate chinese scum any more…

    Poor sweet animal. The expression of sadness, pain and terror on his/her face…

    Oh, how I hate humans.

    “bizarre creature”?
    Humans are the fucking bizarre creatures on the planet.

    “Locals say it will be shipped off to Beijing for DNA tests”
    Why can’t humans just leave animals alone for once? Go play with your little dicks pseudo-scientists!!

    If I belonged to an organization like ALF, then monsters that hurt animals would see what real terrorism would be like!!
    Enough with the peace, love, and education bullshit! Most people only understand the language of violence and fear.

    • Dgrede

      I AM 200% WITH YOU!!!!

    • Samantha

      It’s a terrible story, with a likely terrible ending but the ethnicity of the people who’ve put this little guy in misery really has nothing to do with anything.

      *People* terrorize and abuse animals for every imaginable every day and they come from all over the world. And people do good all over the world.

      So please refrain from identifying an entire culture as scum.

      • Whoever…

        “the ethnicity of the people who’ve put this little guy in misery really has nothing to do with anything.”

        I’m very sorry but unfortunately it does – they eat pretty much everything that moves, including cats, dogs and also (in some places) human fetuses!! Yes, it is true. I’ve mentioned this here before – it was personally confirmed to me by someone whose family member actually witnessed it, okay?

        So yes, I do hate chinese people, not because they’re chinese but because of what they do to animals as an entire people.
        On the other hand I truly respect and admire Chinese veg*ans.

        “*People* terrorize and abuse animals for every imaginable every day and they come from all over the world.”

        You’re absolutely right and I witness that first hand as a volunteer at the local animal shelter. And that is why I don’t like people in general.
        But as you’ve mentioned, there are people who do good all over the world and those I respect and value…

        The rest… they can die for all I care!! It sounds harsh doesn’t it? Well, in case you haven’t watched the documentary ‘Earthlings’ (among many others), please go to their website ( or click on my nickname and watch it. Then you’ll see what harsh really means!

        And probably then you’ll understand (that is if you care at all) my aversion to humans!

  • herwin

    its a hoax folks, now back i your cage….

    • herwin

      thats should be “in your cage”
      “humor” and “veganism” seems to go bad together, it seems again and again..:-P
      its a HOAX !!! goddamit, relax everybody…

  • Whitty

    This is a civit with mange. I really hope someone with a little compassion treats the poor thing…and then frees it again.

  • Samantha

    I’ve viewed Earthlings. But I was vegan even beforehand. I’m vegan and an animal rights activist in my community because I AM aware of the cruelties and atrocities that exist, and I’m interested in actually doing something about it as opposed to simply whining about it.

    Regardless, racism and stereotyping are never appropriate. So they eat cats and dogs in (various areas in) Asia. So what? That deserves more anger and hatred than the 50 billion animal a year habit in the U.S. alone? Are they more terrible than the rest of the world who slaughters hundreds of animals by the second?

    For the record, there’s a problem with stereotyping and racism: it’s not only stupid and ignorant, it’s simply not accurate – my partner is Chinese. He’s also vegan and just as passionate about animal activism as I am. And he is not the only Chinese vegan on earth.

    I’ve been to China as well. And to Hong Kong. Do you have any idea how many vegan restaurants I found? They exist because there is demand – because there are compassionate and logical people everywhere.

    I’m not defending the actions of cruel people – I’m trying to combat racism. Your prejudice against one culture is no different than humankind’s prejudice and self-awarded superiority to the non-human animals.