by Elizah Leigh
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Photo: Images courtesy Envision Design

Generation Investment Management may sound like a high fallutin’-tootin’ operation, and considering its location on the 48th floor of New York City’s One Bryant Park, it might be easy to write it off as a just another glitzy ka-ching-a-ling corporation. In actuality, it is an Al Gore-David Blood-founded eco-social-and-sustainability-focused investment management firm. Focused on integrating environmental responsibility in the capital markets, they’re likely doing quite well for themselves but it’s nice to note that they channel 5% of their profits into the Generation Foundation which supports non-profit sustainability initiatives around the world.

Now, if you’re going to set up shop in the Big Apple and appeal to financially solvent clients who also happen to be interested in making their big bucks positively impact the planet, you have to generate the right image. Treehugger though he may be, the last thing that Mr. Gore needs to do is feather his eco-corporate nest with a motley collection of recycled furniture and carpet remnants rescued from local dumpsters, no matter how earth friendly that might be. After much ado about everything (including anticipating all conceivable captain planet hating critiques about his choice of materials), these are the final squeaky green features of Gore’s 5,000 square foot office:

Despite the extraordinary effort that went into the eco-friendly design of this office, there will surely still be random wisenheimers intent on skewering Gore’s final choices.  All things considered, how about giving the guy a break for a change? How many haters out there have done even 1% of what the former Vice President has done for the well being of our planet? Mmmm-hmmmm. ‘Nuff said.

Via Fast Company